Sunday, May 30, 2004

PESTS you ought to ELIMINATE.

1) RED ANTS aka FERRARI FANS--> Just because these Tifosi(s) are having a fucking good season they go around BITING and taunting others.

2) WORMS aka GOSSIP QUEENS --> They only want to meet up with you just to DIG into your life and spread it across their busybody communities.

3) PRAYING MANTIS(es) aka RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITES --> Churchgoers who drive flashy cars to park on holy grounds. They pretend to PRAY but they are actually thinking of a Gucci bag.

4) FLIES aka FREELOADERS --> They constantly HOVER around you hoping they'd get a free meal or a one night accomodation at your place.

5) BUTTERFLIES aka GIRLS who MANIPULATE MEN with their BEAUTY --> These frail creatures FLUTTER around men, enchanting them with their 'beauty' and 'fragile' state so as to manipulate the opposite sex to carry shopping bags for them. Remember: BUTTERFLIES ARE FRAGILE.

6) BEES aka PEOPLE who INSULT without THINKING --> Some idiot once told me that people who write well usually have no friends. That is the most brainless assumption I have ever heard from an untalented fool. Bees STING without rationalizing.. remember???

7) MILLIPEDES aka ROAD HOGS --> They are so damned SLOW that it just pisses you off.

8) MOSQUITOES aka CLINGY FRIENDS --> They TRAIL you and insists on INTRUDING into your life. Then they try to suck all of your good blood by infecting you with AIDES Fever.

9) COCKROACHES aka SLY FOXES/ THIEVES --> They HIDE in the dark corners of your room and once you are caught offguard, they DEVOUR your belongings.

10)SPIDERS aka DOMINEERING 2-FACERS --> They may seem harmless, but they quietly SPIN a WEB all around you when you least expect it. Once you're helpless, they DOMINATE and EAT you.

p.s: Someone told me to start posting CLUBBING photos on my blog to enhance its popularity. Ahem... does this look like a SLUT BLOG to you?


KevinTeh.Net said...

Hey there! just found out about your site! great stuff! keep it up! would you mind if i link you? btw, it's kevin here in an isolated corner of the globe -- nz. take care!

Yng Lyn said...

hey Kevin! sure no probs!! hope you enjoyed reading it;) feel free to link :) keep in touch yeah? thankss!!

Anonymous said...

hello yng lyn. this is nadia, your hermana's adventure mate. always a pleasure reading your blog and i must say this is by far one of the best postings i have ever read on any blog i have come across...say, anything i have ever read on the internet as of late! it must be mentioned and it must be complimented. hurrah! *applause and a never-ending standing ovation!*


Anonymous said...

im anonamous, but you know who i am, your heart will tell you. take care of yourself, keep on smiling. be happy in all you do. thinking of you!


Anonymous said...

I'm bad when it comes to compliments..just want to say...don't be lazy..there are ppl out there, waiting to read your post eVeryday..first thing in the morning when they log on to the internet...keep it up lyn!!!

Yng Lyn said...

Hey all, thanks so much for your wonderful comments! it has been very encouraging. It really means a lot to me :)

Simple American said...

1) In Texas we just kill ants. Hate em. They're everywhere. OK I don't know sweet fuck all about soccor, but I do about fire ants.

2) These would be an acceptable target for terrorists.

3) Nothing wrong with money. Just don't expect it to buy a Stairway to Heaven.

4) I'm fortunate to be annoying for flies. Though I was one in the service. Pretty good at it. Don't know why people put up with me back then? Drunken lout.

5) Nabi is the Korean word. I always remember it. Never causght a butterfly. To friggin' ugly even for them.

6) My life is filled with bees. That's why I enjoy my blog friends. There seems to be a greater measure of respect among the folks I visit.

7) I hate driving in the US. Germany the slow cars stayed on the right where they belong. Here they ride side by side and don't give a damn if you can read their odometer from your own vehicle.

8) I hope I'm not doing this to you. Just wanted to see your early posts and I so bored with my job. Your much more interesting. I promise to stop with this post until I see if your down with me visiting the past not.

9) I refuse to loan the things I care about to people anymore. Everything I enjoy and have loaned out returns trashed, if it comes back at all.

10) So many of these in politics. But I'll keep things polite and just agree.

I finsihed all of May 2004. If this is annoying I'll just read and respond to my brain.

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