Friday, May 28, 2004

10 reasons why you'd never date me.

After much self analysis, I've figured out why I am date-less. This is in response to the lovely bunch of you who said that i wasn't repulsive, but read on...

1) Apart from bad visual memory, I cannot remember numbers. That includes birthdays, addresses etc.. (I am beginning think that I am dyslexic.) People often give me shit when i ask the same question twice.

2) I often insist on paying for meals. I think its genetics, i come from a generous family. I trick myself by not withdrawing cash but i end up reaching the limit on my credit card.

3) I swear way too much.

4) I start every conversation with ,'oh my god.. did you see Reyes?' Its also kinda stressful when you see that my room are covered with glaring posters of men.

5) I wolf down my meals. And talk to you when vegetables are still stuck on my teeth.

6) I whine about the size of my bum in every single damned conversation.

7) I never finish the drinks that you buy me.

8) I watch films which makes the half of you sleep.

9) I am naive. So you'll have to treat me like a kid when you date me.

10) I am not pretty. FULL STOP.

I sprained my leg during ice training yesterday and I've been limping since, thus, moral of the story: STRETCH BEFORE YOU EXERCISE!!!!!!


vincent said...

swearing is good
swearing should be encouraged..

Anonymous said...

Jasmine says : Don't read that crap..all UNTRUE....Lyn is one of the nicest and sweetest gal I've ever known. FULL STOP :)

Anonymous said...

Naaaa, you're cute

Yng Lyn said...

Hey guys, thanks for the encouraging comments! ;)
p.s: thanks for the 20p, vincent..... and the advice on Ronaldo's wedding hair.

Simple American said...

1) You got a computer, get an organizer. I barely remember my name, so this helps. Get all those numbers in there. Let the computer get the headache.

2) That's Chinese genetics. My Asian family pisses me off when I take them out and they quibble over the bill. I probably piss them off when they take me out and I let them pay. touche.

3) So what's the fucking problem.

4) Can't relate. Skip.

5) Better than passing gas. I hate my stomach.

6) You don't have a bum. I have enough cheeks for ... Don't wanna gross you out.

7) Not applicable. But if it was I'm the irritable guy that would finish the drink for you not wanting to see it go to waste. In the army we called that alcohol abuse. None should go unconsumed.

8) If I fell asleep its just because I still have a two-year-old mentality. I might miss something so I stay up until I stop moving. Like when I watch a flick.

9) Naive, huh. I'd say stupid stuff just to see how you respond. It's just the writer in me curious and looking for conversations to use for dialogue.

10) Doesn't matter to me. Energy is more important than looks. And you got those facial cheeks that need pinching. Hope you never lose 'em.

Anonymous said...

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