Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Jean-Baptiste Maunier

Jean Baptiste Maunier
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Crooning on my STEREO:Gran Ganga by ALMODOVAR and MCNAMARA

Today I hath sinned.
I visited a child actor's fansite.

You will recognise him from the film LES CHORISTES (The Chorus). He was the only choirboy parading around with Aaron Carter's blonde hairdo.
He is ONLY 14 years old.

And he is a frigging GOOD soloist.
So SUBLIME that when you hear him SING, you will THROW yourself off your chair and SPRAWL on the ground in PURE ECSTASY.


I am throwing out my Josh Groban cds for JEAN-BAPTISTE MAUNIER.

MY CONFESSION: I am in LUST with an adolescent's VOICE.

Heaven help me.

Monday, April 18, 2005

The Age of GENIUSES Part 2

Crooning on my STEREO: Comment Te Dire Adieu? by FRANCOIS HARDY

After a good conversation with a friend, I have the insatiable urge to THRASH something on my blog......

I've been back for three weeks now, and there's this tremendous local hype going on endlessly about this "GENIUS" who received three top uni offers even before he's sat for his A levels. You can probably guess who. And I am well aware that many of my friends know him personally, but anyhow, this is my blog and I can say whatever shits I want.

I don't give a damn if he's scaled mount Everest, hung out with street children in Nepal, speaks 10 languages, plays every orchestral instrument, built an aerospace tunnel, seldom studies for his exams and yet manages to score strings of distinctions.

Guess what? He's been featured in the papers god knows how many times, it is as though the Malaysian media is trying to propagate a new messiah.

A Malaysian one.

Okay, I was EXAGGERATING some of his achievements. It is not really his fault to be that perfect anyway. Its not his fault that he is blessed with the dosh to climb mountains, play street Santa, take violin lessons and attend boarding school. After all, this 17yr old genius/prodigy has had the privilege of the best education system in the world. LUCKY BASKET..

Hats off to a 17 year old. It is part of the newsies' agenda to brainwash us that we, Malaysian youths, should ALL emulate him. We should all kiss the feet of a child prodigy who can arrogantly claim that he speaks FRENCH better than our national language. We should all be in AWE of a gifted scientist who is hardly acquainted with our local culture because he probably spends half his time abroad anyway. He has not even attended a national school for goodness sake!!!

Does a posh overseas accent count?

So why do the Malaysian papers bother to rave about such patty achievements? Don't get me wrong, I respect this bloke's determination and grand ambitions. It is good that someone strives to be different, but really, these achievements AREN'T that EXTRAORDINARY. NOR NECESSARY.

My point is, if the media wants to rave about geniuses/prodigies/exrtraordinaires... there are so many TRUE MALAYSIANS who are overruled. No one talks about Tsai Ming Liang. I know a M'sian guy who's graduating with a Law degree at 18. I know countless of all-rounders who have juggled studies, part-time jobs, charity works, musical instruments with admirable success.

Just because this Mount Kilimanjero climber is young and privileged, it doesn't mean he should be featured twice on the same newsie within a week. It bores the hell out of me.

What amazes me is that this supposedly humble smarty WELCOMES the media spotlight with OPEN ARMS. Good public relation tactics for whatever long-term reason.

As a token of peace, I have contributed to his fame by ranting here. Truth is, I am not interested in lifting mediocre talents onto hero status.

And HELL NO, he doesn't inspire me.

Or most artists for that matter.