Saturday, May 22, 2004

Top Ten Summer Essentials!!!!!!

This is my courtesy----> The top ten essentials for everyone this summer!!

1) For the girls, buy a Hepburn dress. (I bought a pink one from New're bound to send out the right signals to builders, bus drivers and policemen. They will be more courteous towards you.)

2) For the handful lot of you who claimed that you have failed your exams, fret not, because even if you have to resit for one, it will be in September. That leaves you three months of bliss from now.

3) Test out the self tan products they've been advertising endlessly in mags, its fun! Despite what your malaysian parents say: these products are not hazardous to your health. (Tried & Tested: I recommend Dior Tinted Bronze for the face and Lancome Hydra Bronze for the body) Stop bleaching yourselves for a change!

4) Invest in a good digital camera and NOT a jittery camera phone.

5) Venture to Skegness. You will make history. Or take a night drive through St. Anne's and brag about it to all your friends.

6) For those who are graduating in July, make sure you give the finger to the university before you leave for good.

7) Make sure you have chosen to live with the right type of people the next academic year. Very, very important. Saints have the divine ability to transform themselves into Lucifers.

8) Buy the Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights soundtrack. The movie was shit but what the hell, the music is so dead sexy!!!

9) For those turning 21 this summer, do something outrageous. Break someone's window. Open a strip joint. Or take my example: sneak off to Phuket.

10) TO ALL MALAYSIAN STUDENTS, for god's sake,... BALIK RUMAH!! You don't want to waste your money traveling to places like Barcelona at its tourist peak and come back complaining about the crowd and heat.

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Simple American said...

So where exactly is Phuket? Would it be near Phukal?