Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Crooning on my STEREO: Aint No Sunshine by LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO & DES'REE

I needed to squeeze something out of my head to cure this blog clot. Oh, I need to clarify one wildfire rumour which has been running around; I am NOT acting alongside Gael Garcia Bernal in Blood Wedding. (Although it is quite flattering when come to think of it...........dream on, Lyn)
But I do need TICKETS for the opening show.. anyone????

Today, on impulse, I embarked out on a snowfilled adventure to Highbury right after drama school. This lovely picture of Thierry Henry inspired me to do so:

Yes, it is THAT wristband. Those Nike anti-racism campaign wristbands which have been sold out for donkey years. Today I rang up the Arsenal store to check its availability. The Highbury branch had 5 left so I immediately jumped on the tube and got off at the Highbury & Islington station. Being the bloody ignorant fool I am, I got off at the WRONG stop. The stop I assumed was the stadium stop is, in reality, a good 45mins walk to the actual store itself.
I could have gotten off at the ARSENAL stop (DOH!!).. but noooooooo, I stupidly assumed it was the HIGHBURY & ISLINGTON station.

After wandering around rural Islington for one hour (while caught in a coincidential SNOWSTORM) and failing to locate the stadium AND the merchandise store...(while enduring suspicious stares from the locals) I found my way back to the tube and ended up at Finsbury Park. (Londoners: you should know what I am talking about). I actually took another WRONG tube in the WRONG direction when I intended to head back to WARREN STREET. So here I am, at Finsbury Park Zone 2. Hoo-Hah!

I thought to myself: I should get out of this stinky tube and explore the 'beauty' of Greater London. As I walked out of the tube, guess what?

And they had 1000 wristbands in stock.

I only bought 2. And a 2quid Reyes bobblehead. (which resembles more like Ashley Cole with the no.9 shirt wonder it was discounted)

And the wristband looks shit on me.
Someone even thought that I was wearing a funerary tribute on my wrist.

Note: For humanity's sake, can someone please eradicate bloody Bayern Munich glory hunters?? It is fucking annoying when idiots who HARDLY ever watch football yack away just because they've watched ONE important match.... URGH.
Whats with this sudden emergence of Munich female fans?????

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!!!

Crooning on my STEREO: Somebody Told Me by THE KILLERS

I am watching the Football For Hope match on ITV2 now, Ronaldinho XI is currently leading 6-3 to Shevchenko XI.

Courtesy of a nervous breakdown recently, I have absolutely nothing to blog.
Just do me an utterly kind favour by commenting (or slagging) the photo above......

Monday, February 07, 2005

Phantom of the Cinema

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Crooning on my STEREO: August Day Song by BEBEL GILBERTO

I am beginning to think that I'm morphing into a hideous ghoul and I have absolutely no frigging idea why I am thoughtfully blessed with this physical perfection.

- I keep getting audition calls to play phantoms, aliens and creatures in low budget horror films. Apparently, I look the part.

- I bumped into a couple of my neighbours in the course of 3 days. Their reaction? HORROR.
They gasp when they see me (not at my exceptional beauty but as though they've walked into a BANSHEE in broad daylight)

- Wonderful friend(s) of mine hasn't stopped harping on the fact that i look like a Soho prostitute with mascara on. I, on the other hand, believe that I look BLIND without mascara.
Hello??? GISELLE uses MASCARA TOO, y' know????

- Airheaded beauty consultants at the Harrods Clinique counter blatantly said to me,' Your skin needs A LOT of work.'
I suddenly refuse to buy my dream lip gloss from them. DOH.

- The worst bit: No Frank Lampard lookalikes pick me up in clubs anymore. I only get attention from Asianphillic old men.

Thats it. I've had enough from you people. I am going to book myself into a spa this weekend and sort my self esteem.

What the fuck.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Crooning on my STEREO: Matinee by FRANZ FERDINAND

I tuned into TMF this morning and stupidity is what I got.

1) Eric Prydz's club trash CALL ON ME hit the no.1 spot on the UK Summer Charts.
Come on! Go spend 3 quid on a retarded single that goes on and on and on: 'CALL ON ME... CALL ON ME... CALL ON ME... CALL ON ME... CALL ON ME... CALL ON ME...'
Bloody phenomenal songwriting skills.

It's been three years and they are STILL around. They even have a fansite.

3)Influx of RnB
Not that I despise RnB, but there are just too many around. So many that you cant figure out who's who, or what is what... all their videos share the same components; skimpy women, club scenes, fat pimps and cheap Bling.

Firstly, that CARWASH song is such a shit deafening remake; so much of shouting and screaming.
Secondly, Missy Elliot gets paid for sitting around in the studio (in her sweatpants) fidgeting with switches..pretending to look knowledgable with the equalisers.
What the hell did she rap??

5)DAVID HASSELHOLF (That Baywatch lifeguard..however you spell his name)
WHAT?????Did he SING????

I know a handful of you worship him as the god of sincerity, depth, honesty and blah blah. But his videos are just not funny anymore. Its lame to dress up as michael jackson and matadors.

Okay, I 've had too much of stupidity drummed into my puny brain. Time to turn off the telly and worry about the Arsenal match tonight.