Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Leaving Again

Crooning on my STEREO: Te Busque by NELLY FURTADO

I can't write anymore. I just can't. I am beginning to think that my dyslexia is devouring my organic brain right left and center.

I finally left my workplace. Check out the horrendous glee in my piggy-dancing performance on the last day of office. God, I must have been such a pest.

And yeah, you've guessed it right, the cubicle (swarmed with delicious visuals of studs) in the background belong(ed) to me. Jenny, the girl who doesnt look too amused, inherited some of my professional rubbish.

Check out the lovely farewell card:-

I feel so loved. Thanks my lovelies :)

I am rushing off to the airport now and will be gone for three weeks. Not that anyone will miss me that much, I just thought I will leave my clubbing buddies a memorabilia of a certain hottie in the background.... (nope nope.. not Matt.. haha! )

Last but not least... a little tribute to my favourite clubbing buddy (SLUTIRAH)... who has tolerated my drunken antics in her car (and vice versa) for the past 4 months!

(was supposed to post your pic here... but my wifi died on me and I have to make do with no pic.... sigh)


In case you cant tell, I am rushing like mad here..

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Crooning on my STEREO:
Trouble Sleeping by CORRINNE BAILEY RAE

You know when the world (or YOU) hath gone slightly wrong when:-

1) Paris Hilton releases a summer single.

1 a) When you see Paris Hilton's picture on this blog.

2) You are given free tickets to the Malaysian Film Festival.

3) Kelly Chen tops the Hong Kong pop charts by flaunting anorexia.

4) You admit to fancying a juvenile bloke from CLICK 5IVE.

5) Reyes falls out with Fabregas and is desperate to leave Highbury.

6) You refuse to remove your patriotic flag from your gate eventhough the World Cup hath long gone..

7) Your boss sets you up on blind dates with older men.

8) You have a cameo appearance on a skincare programme that will be broadcasted on national telly. And you are praying ultra-hard that nobody spots you.

9) You go around bragging that your ex-boyfriend was a duplicate of Chris Martin. Without the dosh.

10) You are thinking of organising your farewell bash at no other place than the infamous Beach Club.

11) You delude yourself by claiming that you will never get smashed with an entire jug of Long Island.

12) There are psychotic stalkers of this never-updated blog.

13) Your futsal mates are never going to turn up for any futsal matches

14) Your schedule is fully booked for the next 14 days. (waiting list available upon request, cheh...)

15) Lyn has ceased to update her blog weekly. Even fortnightly. Probably monthly.

I seriously need to chill.