Thursday, May 27, 2004

Blowing Kisses to the Sky

I called home yesterday and had a rather hilarious chat with my family. My dad insisted on marrying me off to Christiano Ronaldo rather than Jose Reyes. My mum was confusing me with the frenzied itinery of the Austria/Swiss tour. My sister and I had a good laugh at the indispicable adventures of a 'bicycle'.

Shirl and I had a big pleasant lunch this afternoon. I will be seeing Mr.Nacho tommorrow. And Mr. Tortilla the day after. Possibly, Mr. Tomato Salsa the following weekend.

I have started a diary to note every strong emotion I encounter, so that they will come into good use if I am to appear on the silver screen the near future.

This is a gorgeous quote from Almodovar's El Matador
'Eversince the first time I saw you kill, I've searched for you in the all the men I've loved. I've tried to imitate you when I killed others.'

I am too lazy to explain the above quote. Go watch the film, there's a copy in the Beeston Vid store. I have training at the ice center tonight,and I can hardly lift my myself.

I am blowing kisses to the sky so that it wont rain when i catch the bus tonight.

With my luck, it probably will.

And of course, I am also sending my blessings to a very dear friend who is on the other side of the country. God, how i miss him!!

Good thing we are all under the same sky :)