Tuesday, May 25, 2004

10 things you do not know about me.

1) I am a sucker for half the songs on Eurovision Song Contest.

2) I DO take the taxi from Dunkirk to the Sports Center.

3) I am a romantic. A naive one.

4) My parents are a blessing; my dad told me he'd buy me Arsenal one day. A year ago, he promised me Real Madrid. Awww, how I love my family!

5) I don't read academic texts, my sister summarizes most of them for me. Hah, how much I love her, too!!

6) I lead an extraordinary life and therefore, I will only fall in love with someone extraordinary. Saying that, someone once told me to lower my expectations on men, I take that as an insult!!

7) I cut and colour my own hair.

8) I have a very poor visual memory of people's faces. In fact, it is so bad that it took me two days to register Reyes' face into my head despite having his pictures all over my room! So the next time I walk past you and I don't say hi, don't go around bitching that I am arrogant.

9) I am a VISUAL CULTURE student. This is for those who still assume that I am an engineering student.

10)I have a soft spot for men with tattoos. No,no,no with the exception of 'anchors' and 'mums'.


Anonymous said...

Visual culture? What sort of joke degree is that!

kekek... john

Simple American said...

I have a hard time remembering people's faces too.

Lately my wife has been watching Chinese & Korean soap operas. None of em have English subtitles so I don't watch for long, unless there is a cutie on the screen.

I was asking about one of them recently and my wife was saying. Oh no that's another woman, this is entirely new series. Then she did the thing I realy hate. She made the comment that "kwai loh" (Cantonese) cannot tell Chinese apart. She did not say "kwai loh" but I sure felt like one. Alright I am one, but damn I live with Chinese, party with Chinese, have children Chinese. I'm not that bad.

So I respond to her, so you won't get too mad at me if I ever get confused and kiss the wrong Chinese woman. Hey they all look the same right?

This woman is too quick for me. She says not a problem. Because I'll know I kissed the wrong woman when that woman slaps my face. Ai Yah! I cannot win. ;)

Of course, its easy to tell who is the bread winner in my family and who is the dreamer.

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