Tuesday, June 01, 2004

To all the Men I have 'Loved.'

NOSTALGIA: You look back. You are HORRIFIED. And you WONDER.
These are the men who have adorned my bedroom wall throughout my teenage years.

Above: Axl Rose on a 12 year old's wall. S & M king? Indeed.

1992-1993= AXL ROSE from Guns N' Roses : A man who wore short lycra tights on stage. He had a wardrobe of them in assorted colours. I actually went to Imbi Market and bought a bundle of ten in red,green,yellow, purple and any other gawdy colour you could think of.
I even wore them to class parties, I think I wasn't that popular back then.

1993-1994= DAVE MUSTAINE from MEGADETH : Thanks to my sister's influences, I developed strange fetishes for long-haired and sweaty GLAM ROCKERS. I was THAT close to developing a crush for Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. Thank God.

1994-1995= JON BON JOVI from BON JOVI : Yes, the one who looks like a DOG. When I heard him passionately wailing 'Always' on the radio, I fell in love with his voice. (come to think of it, it did sound a bit like Amy SEARCH..remember...'ISABELLA'?)

1995 -1996= TIM WHEELER from ASH : From glam rock to Brit pop. The perfect epitome of a junkie. I was too ashamed to put his posters up in my school locker.

1996- 1997 = Gallagher Brothers from OASIS : Now when I look at their pictures, they remind me of 'House of the Dead' zombies. As for their infamous eyebrows, I see overgrown bushes in my backyard.

1997-1999= RONAN KEATING from BOYZONE : The BOYBAND hormones were kicking in. When I thought he winked at me during a concert, I pretended to faint so that the sympathetic officials would take me backstage.
30 other girls did the same.

1999-2001= BRYAN MCFADDEN from WESTLIFE : Yes, the FAT one. When I met the group backstage I penned a classic poem for Bryan. Here's an excerpt;

Oh Bryan, I love You
I wish you knew
I think I will kill
Just to have you.

What fucking genius could have written that cheesy shit????!?

p.s: I think it later inspired Westlife lyrics.

2001-2002= MIKA HAKKINEN from F1 MCLAREN : Moving on to SPORTSMEN. From Ireland to Finland. From a tennybopper to an adultress. Yes, Mika is married. And he has a kid, too.
I was drooling over somebody's father.

After bumping into him in Selfridges, I briefly fancied Eddie Irvine from Jaguar. But now when I look at him (in a more mature perspective); he looks like a crocodile.

2002-2003= IKER CASILLAS FROM REAL MADRID : SPAIN. My raging hormones drove me to Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid homeground) to hunt him down. Some sleazy bastard sold me a dodgy ticket and I had the BEST seat on earth.

2004- ?? = JOSE ANTONIO REYES from ARSENAL : A sweet Andalusian boy first on my 'To Marry' list... though sometimes I wished he didn't wear such bodyfitting singlets.
I left out an important insect metaphor in my previous post.

LEACHES aka SUCK-UPS : People who suck up to you for benefits. And abandon you when you need them.


Anonymous said...

oh ducky! After reading your poem i was actually laughing for 5 minutes. I think I will send it off to some publishers, see what they have to say about it!

A moment of genius, or a talent you keep hidden?

vincent said...

reyes...the first on your "to marry" list?
i thought u were married to casillas already?

Yng Lyn said...

John: HAHA, my poem came manifested in the form of Westlife Lyrics..... how passionate......

Vincent: Yeah lah, who says a woman cannot have more than one husband???

Reubster said...

Lol your posts are always a pleasure to read. That Axl Rose pic is scary! Ey so when are we going to have coffee together aye

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