Saturday, August 28, 2004


Too many complaints from my dear readers and too little time! I have been so inefficient in blogging lately courtesy of my virus stricken laptop and daily muses. After months of no lectures, I am depreciating into an illiterate. Anyhow, I promise I will make it up sometime in September after I return to dear old Britannia!!

For those who bother, I haven't been doing much lately, my e-mail account has been pissing me off, same ol' me still hunting for accomodation in London, drooling over Reyes on telly and scheming cunning means to stalk him in London.
Another earth shattering record... I haven't been to Zouk nor Velvet for two weeks and that is an achievement! Poverty battles my demons... I spent half my savings on Latin dance lessons, a new laptop and a pair of heels.
A few hours ago, my family and I played Monopoly ala Italian stylissimo and I was the second to reach bankruptcy. I bought the worst estates... a variety of train stations... who the hell in the right mind would do that?????

A levels and O Levels results have been released, and straight As are as common as a dustbin in every household. No offence, but almost everyone I know have straight As or 3 billion A stars this year. Soon, everyone will be a Freud, Verne, Jung, Einstein, Vermeer, Pavarotti, Joyce Streisand...

Oxbridge will have a surplus of prodigal applicants.


Time for 'kiasu'* parents to boast their trophies.
*Kiasu is a SouthEast Asian term for people who are over-competitive and would go to diabolical means to outdo one another, including blood relations.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Home sweet home, my bedroom in Kuala Lumpurrrr.. Pls excuse the mess!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

Friday, August 20, 2004


Hey all, really sorry cos I haven't been blogging lately...blame it on distractions and little adversities. But I will cope. And will try to keep my humour. Not that I've ever been comical at the start anyway.

Oh, I looked through my GCSE sketchbooks and I can't figure why I ended up with a 'C' for Art. There was an unemployed expat-turned-teacher in the name of Miss Jenny Marsh (unmarried for the most obvious reasons) whose visual inability led her to believe that I was possessed by Francisco Goya at some point. Therefore, she accused me of cheating. For an untrained teacher who couldn't tell the stylistic differences between a Renoir and a Monet, such accusations were phenomenal..... how did I manage to summon a Spanish Master on the eve of my GCSE Art Exam? I must have been a sharman when I was 17.
My art portfolio was refused to be externally marked as the result of her uneducated claims of witchcraft.

Conclusion: Do not send your children to Garden International School. Most teachers are the worst breed of unemployed university dropouts. Mr Robinson, Mr Shorthose, Miss Marsh and most were too unmemorable to name.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Expanding... expanding.... Big.. bigger.. BIGGEST!!!!!

Blogspot is becoming a pain in the ass, so here's my brand new backup site dedicated to my love for gawdy films.
Not exactly launched yet, but will do so pretty soon as long as my wandering heart gets over an overdose of Reyes ecstasy.....

Yes, you've got it right.... ARSENAL 3 - 1 to MAN U.

Sweet dreams, Ferguson's dreamteam of toyboys have just been on show. (with the exception of 'Christiano Ronald Gay DO' and my personal favourite Van Donkey) But Arsie's Van Persie fit the picture perfectly....

More to come!