Monday, May 24, 2004

Love on a Monday Morning

I woke up at ten this morning compliments to an annoying radio blasting nearby and conducted my usual ritual of switching on my comp first thing i step out of bed. Logged onto MSN and two high school friends frantically messaged me.
They were Yvonne Khor and Foong Sue Wen. If you were from GIS you'd remember them. I am sure. One is loud. The other is blur.

And they were wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the 24th May 2004.

What the hell?!? I was close to mutilating them for getting my birthday wrong.
Much too early. After all, they were my closest friends from high school.

The tables turned. They were wishing me in advance for my 21st, knowing that the three of us are hardly ever online at the same time. And they did it with such sincerity, certainly not out of obligatory fakeness. And Yvonne wont be in Malaysia for my b'day bash.

I was touched. They actually bothered. And this blog is dedicated to the coolest friends I had from school, Patricia, Sue Wen and Yvonne.

Sue's in sexy Scotland, Yvonne and Pat are in sunny Australia. Back in GIS, our lockers were next to each other. Yvonne was the loudest in the hallway, and occasionally you'd catch her threatening to beat up a helpless boy. Sue was the green shirted friendly prefect, putting on a facade of responsibility but in actual fact, she's littering the hallway with her food residuals. Pat, who migrated to Sydney later, is often reprimanded for not tying up her long hair,and strutting around in a little skirt. I, the avant-garde, am always altering my uniform; shortening my skirt, coloured Nikes and replacing the school jumper with a trendy Sportsgirl one. Because the prefects love me, I got away with it. Except from Mrs Lim...

And hell, the four of us are intelligent. I am not boasting. Pat, Yvonne and Sue were A star students. I only had an A, but who cares, I hung with them so that I look smart too. And they are gorgeous, they had plenty of admirers. (Sorry, guys, they are all taken, but there's always ME!!) They were great at sports too, Pat and Sue were excellent swimmers, Yvonne played basketball and as for me, the forgotten sprinter.. :( Boys, teachers, bitches.... we laughed at everything.

Since we left school, we all have the tendancy to vanish and reappear into each other's lives at random times of the year. And when we do meet, we rant and rave like the best of friends. In fact, we are. Despite leading different lives 10000 miles away, (with the exception of Sue who's 6hrs by train away..) there is a certain assurance that no matter how much we screw up, we will always have each other to fall on.

We need not explain. We don't even need to know why.
Its like an apparition. Sue even sent me a cookie from Glasgow. :)

Thanks guys, for the wonderful conversation this morning.
God bless you three in everything you do!!
lots of love,


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYN!!!! :D:D hahah .... awwww so sweet i like todays blog!! :D u deserve an A* for it!! :)
Only thing is...whats this about me littering? hehe.. Stop trying to make me look bad!! Im a good prefect... really ... :)

Anyway, Was very touched by your dedication ... :) Love u too babes!!! :D and ure right about having each other to fall back on.. even though it'll probably be like 5 years time before all four of us meet up again :) Well... till then we'll just sit back and laugh at all the stupid memories yeah? :)

Till your next blog where I'll prob add some stupid comment again .... take care and God Bless u too babes!


Just a note to anyone who reads this : Lyn is one heck of a girl :)... If ure friends with her already, kudos to u.!!! if not... What are u doing with your life?!?! :P

Simple American said...

What events did you run? My son ought to run. All speed, but no ambition. All he wants it to play his DS. Too much like me, the consumate game geek.