Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Selamat Hari Merdeka

Kempen Belog Merdeka
Originally uploaded by slamducky.
Crooning on my STEREO: Awas by KRU

Hari ini, saya akan belog dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Saya tahu saya tidak pandai dalam bahasa ini, tapi apa hal lah, saya cinta negara saya terlalu banyak oleh itu saya akan merendahkan diri untuk diketawakan orang.

Nama saya Lyn. Saya seekor binatang yang luar biasa. Umur saya seratus tahun. Saya tinggal kat Kuala Lumpur empat ratus dari Jalan Telawi. Saya sukan makan orang. Tapi, rupa saya macam seorang ahli sihir yang terhodoh di negara ini. Jangan tanya saya, tapi saya bukan 'hot' macam Siti Nurhaliza. Oleh kerana aku bukan seorang Ah Lian, saya telah memindah ke London dan tinggal dekat Ben Besar.

Oh, teman lelaki aku memang canggih. Nama dia adalah I-POD. Saya cinta dia dengan sepenuh hati saya. Dia boleh nyanyi-menyanyi untuk buat aku gembira.

Okay, bahasa saya memang teruk. Pergilah ketawa. Bila aku balik rumah di October, bahasa Malaysia aku akan menjadi terbaik di dunia.

Terima Kasih untuk membaca.
Gaya. Mutu. Keunggulan.


Yng Lyn said...

To my non-malaysian friends:
don't worry, I just wrote a whole load of gibberish.

vincent said...

hahah...pengunaan BM kamu amat canggih!!

Simple American said...

Yeah right. We lurve ya anyone.

Happy Malasian day. Hope you can go eat some satay or whatever makes you feel at home.

Jess said...

Happy Merdeka Day!

Yng Lyn said...

vincent: memang canggih, kerana aku anak negara....... mana blog melayu kamu?

ah kor: thank you thank you.
Damn i am craving for satayyyyy
Can't seem to add you on IM btw...

jess: thanks dear!! :D

Caracola said...

happy happy day!! how was the park?? and what does the last sentence mean??


Simple American said...


Yahoo IM right? I put you on my buddy list last night and sent the request thingie. Did you see that?

Added Caracola this morning and it seemed to work then.

We can try again later. I usually peek at the computer before I leave at around one in the afternoon your time. When I'm on in the evening your prolly pubbing or sleeping.

LE said...

happy malaysia day!

mistipurple said...

yng lyn, lu chakap lu suka makan orang, saya mata ada salah tak? lu also tak boleh ketawah, saya spelling mayak terok. saya rasah lu sekarang duduk floor ketawah sekali!! grin.

Yng Lyn said...

caracolacolacola: thankss dear, the park was great! there were so many screaming kids all over the place, but guess I'd have to go through for the sun la! heeh
oh the last line translates into this: QUALITY, STYLE and LUXURY..... I think.. it is a M'sian advertising jargon!

ah kor: yeahh I got your request this morning but couldn't see you on my buddy list... let me try again laterzzz..shouldn't be a problem cos I have caracola on my list too!

le: thanks! ;)

misti: ya lah. aku seekor binatang memang mesti makan orang..... macam mana lah?? hahaha bahasa you memang hebat... saya pun sedang ketawa dalam floor... LOL!! hahahaah

Carrie said...

ok i truly have NO IDEA what was said..but it was very beautiful and it's awesome that you did it in Malay!

happy Malay Day ! ;)

Kunstemæcker said...

I understood everything to the last word. HA!

Yng Lyn said...

Thanks Mitzee, no worries you didn't miss out on anything interesting since I was talking nonsense in Malay..... it doesn't make sense but it was good practice though!

Kracker: come on... tell me what I just said!!

Anonymous said...

Haha lyn..I think the last line comes from the DUNHILL advertisement that I have been hearing since I was a kid on TV2 !! I can almost hear it in my head now!!


socialpest said...

haha that was HILARIOUS!

ketawa DALAM floor? haha bukan atas?

Selamat Hari Merdeka anyways!

GAYA MUTU KEUNGGULAN. haha that has to be one of the most significant & memorable ads ever.

Yng Lyn said...

shirl: yeahh!! its stuck in my mind too!!!.. I still remember that man's deep voice that says 'GAYA pause MUTU pause KEUNGGULAN' then you see the Dunhill sign emerge on the screen.. hahahaa! hugs!!

socialpest: hahaah forgive me for my lame BM.... my verbs/grammar and vocab are all wrong in this post.... LOL!! time to invest in a KAMUS! :) thankss dear :D

Simple American said...

Dunhil makes me think of the hauptbahnhof in Frankfurt. I used to always buy Dunhill as soon as I got off the train.

It made me so sophisticated. lol

Glad I kicked that habit.

Carrie said...

cool! but it's still awesomerad that you pulled it off! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lyn, lu boleh ajar orang kat England bercakap Melayu kan? Jadi seorang cikgu dan membaikan nama 'Manglish' kami.
I rasa ni peluang 'tuk cari kerja secepat mungkin sial!
S'lamat Hari Merdeka, Lyn!

Yng Lyn said...

mitzee: thanks dear!! :D

dann: aku tahu BM aku memang canggih... lebih baik daripada kame punya :D HAH!!! Selamat Hari Merdeka kepada kamu juga.. apa nama Megadeth album tu? aku dah lupa....

crazycat said...

wa.. babi babi, makan makan , nas goreng, soto ayam! keluar! keluar..

wow.. my malay rox... lol

Yng Lyn said...

craazy kat: BM kamu sama teruk dengan saya.. hahaha :D

Edison said...

HAhahA! WoW! GuD TrY! HAhA! am very inspired 2 write one like that too! :D

Anonymous said...

feel free to come on in and check it out anytime. :)

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