Sunday, August 28, 2005

Glass Menagerie

Kracker all to myself!!!
Originally uploaded by slamducky.
Crooning on my STEREO: Yamore by SALIF KEITA

First of all, I posted the picture up on the right to make you all GREEN WITH ENVY.

Contrary to popular belief, I DID NOT MUTILATE KRACKER to make salami and tomato pizza.

With my sadistic history, I'd love to. I'd itch to. I'd die to. But I could not bring myself to do it. I just couldn't.

My heart tells me, strictly, NO.


I mean it. I am usually too arrogant to praise LIVING men.
(Okay, apart from DAVID BISBAL. Or Reyes. Or Casillas, or O-ZONE.......)

For those of you swooning over Kracker out there,
You SHOULD be.

Damn, I am actually missing those 48hr beer sessions. Poor Kracker must be relieved to leave an alcohol-laden weekend!!!

Oh, and Flemish is such a dead sexy language.....


Simple American said...

Nice picture, except for the white boy. ;)

Just joking. Looks like you had a good time. Hope you managed to at least hop from pub to pub. And two of you also. I used to get in so much trouble ordering beers in England. I always order two beers with my fingers. Not good.

You claim he's not dead. But how do we know you don't have your fingers pushed in his back along the right nerves to make the corpse smile for the camera. Horror writers can really carried away, but I think I'm RIGHT!!!!


mistipurple said...

lol SA sees too many kung-fu movies!
and yng lyn, lucky lucky lucky you! :)... (that's drool)

Yng Lyn said...

simple american: in fact, a drunk fool sat nearby thought that I was his chink PROSTITUTE !!

anyway, you are so right about the corpse smile. I had a 16mm blade up his back, and managed to freeze a smile. You clever guy!!
anyway wish you were here too! We did a hell lot of drinking and chatting!!
Ahhhh,,, if only you were here..

Yng Lyn said...

misti: hahaah I have drooled enough. Your turn! ;)
wish you were here too babe!

mistipurple said...

i shall have to settle for beef stew and salami/tomato pizza.. sigh

Caracola said...

Glad to know u enjoy him!! I KNEW HE WOULD BE GOOD TO YA! told ya!!! he's a lovely guy!! ;-) Hey!! can't wait to my turn now to drink and chat w/ u gar!!! muacks!

Supermans Foot said...

Well he seems ok but worshipping dead men.... hmmm. Necrophilianever appealed to me but each to their own!

Simple American said...

If I was there the 24mm blade would be in may back. I'm fat thus the larger blade.

So is the guy that thought you were a prostitute still alive. I fucking insulting. I hope you have his tomatoes and salami. I'm such a pacifist.

Wish I could have been there. Would love to talk the Writer's Journey with you some time. Have you ever had to read Chris Vogler in your classwork? If not you should as a student of movie and story.

Anonymous said...



I'll just take the CD, I still want the other four marges.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Caracola said...

EEEKKKKSSSS! mISS lYN has dork spammers!! go for ninja kelly's help and kick them all!!!!! arrrgggghhhhh!

Caracola said...

No comment on the f*uckard guy who thought u were a prost....ehem! he asshole!! ooopsss! i shall go and wash my mouth w/ soap now* sight*

an said...

hello lovely lady.
Thanks for the nice weekend and let me know if you want a break from writing and have a coffee some time.
Nice to meet you!

Yng Lyn said...

caracolacolacola: dearrr, thanks!! hugs!! yeah he's such a sweetie but i must learn to kick him more often!! hahaah!!
I must get rid of those spammers.. LOL will get some advice from kelly ;)

mistipurple: I will send it by Fedex to singapore.... hope you'll like it! :P yummyyy......
speaking of which my parents are there now, they could pass it on to you ;)

superman's foot: I think there was a canadian film on necrophilia,... I used to have dreams of being an undertaker!! btw, whereabouts in good ol britannia are you?

simple american: no, youre NOT fat.
You're healthy and happy!!
We call that man Gollum. He was drunk and acting weird. anyway, I'm too fussed about it... if I was intoxicated i could have started a classic pub fight!

Nope, we didn't have to read Chris Vogler, not in my modules anyway. Some of my coursemates who are writing on American cinema read up on him and said he was pretty interesting since he analysed scripts for Walt Disney. I should check him out too!

Dann: ahhh you green!! you'll have your magaritas and banned CDs when I am back....
meanwhile do your homework and UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!! LOL

An: Its so lovely to have met you!! :D
Yeah, likewise to you too, we should meet for coffee/tea when work gets overboard.... and perhaps more BEER!! muahaha! will text you laterz!

Love your website by the way :D I have forwarded the link to my jewellery mad friends! :D

Supermans Foot said...

Im in the midlands by a massive shopping centre called Merry Hill. Wouldn't get excited though it sucks

Kunstemæcker said...

Marry piggy mamak?

Yng Lyn said...

supermans foot: come down to London anytime!
I was in the midlands too, nottingham.... nothing to shout about as well.

kracker: ya, kita akan pergi mamak bila kamu datang lagi.

an said...

yes..need to practice every now and then when it comes to beer. Maybe not at 2.30 in the afternoon though, not if we plan to go on again anyway. My liver might refuse at some point this time.
Thanks for the advertising!

crazycat said...

u din make tomato and salami pizza cos u made tomato and salami sandwich!! and u were sucking on it!! lol

hehe, juz kidding... I AM SO JEALOUS! hmmpff

Supermans Foot said...

Im more West Midlands than Nottingham. More towards Dudley.

I'll let you know if i'm going down to London and we'll meet up for an hour or so

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Yng Lyn, thanks for visiting me at my blog. Sounds like good time you were having.

I wish I could have a chance to study in Europe soon. Europe seems such a nice place.

Kunstemæcker said...


Jess said...

"a drunk fool sat nearby thought that I was his chink PROSTITUTE !!"
jeezus did he actually say that? I'm sorry but that made me laugh out loud.
It's all fun and games until someone gets accused of being a prostitute. Actually, I think thats the precursor to fun and games.
Glad you two had fun!

LE said...

i am swooning! you two make a cute couple. ;)

Simple American said...

LyN if you're reading this. You should not be.

This was your conscious speaking.
Disregard that is identifies Simple American as a poster. That was a random selection.

How many words have you typed? And did any of them go together?

Once again this is your conscience and Simple American is not to be blamed as it was random selection.

Yng Lyn said...

An: hahaah we'll delay beer till the evening... I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms. sighhhh......

Crazycat: I suck at making sandwiches. But I also suck on them while eating them....
ermm, sorry I am a little incoherent!
go convince Kracker to visit us in SE Asia then we can make stew out of him.....

Superman's Foot: Brilliant! shall I ask George Michael to come along?

Oceanskies: wish you were here too! europe welcomes you anytime... but it is kicking me out this October.. sigh!

Kracker: I miss you tooooooooo!!!! I want to haunt you before I make my way to Espana!!!

Jess: hahaahh no worries I found it really funny too!!! When I got back from the pub I was checking myself on the mirror to see if I looked like a tart.... I hope i didn't!

Le: Thanks and ooh certainly... if I was a single Belgian babe I would have dragged him to the church immediately!!!

My conciousness aka. hypocrite: hmmm... I am reading. Or am I not... ooo I am reading... ooo am i not? oooo I am reading ....
Now its 500 words..... BEAT THAT!

Simple American said...

Oow, mui. 500 down 14,500 to go.
This is your hypoc... conscience getting on you again.

100 words an hour. Only 145 hours to go. Thats six days and one hour to finish.


No sleeping either lah.

Ooh! I am going to buy all the coffee in London. Mwuhahahaha.

Hey when Europe kicks you out you can come to Texas for Halloween, huh.

Simple American said...

Oh I almost missed your challenge. Skinwalker is now at 32,000.

Catch up lah.

Yng Lyn said...

hypocrite: Ah kor, I am now at 3000/ 15000 words man. Not so bad ....

32,000?? you kidding.........

Write for me lah.

Supermans Foot said...

er yeah invite him over. I don't think he would fit into our humble surroundings though. That would be surreal

Simple American said...

Wats your thesis?

My topic is fun BTW?

mistipurple said...

wah you all so clever. the only thesis i know is TC (talk cock) bwahaha. i wished i had education like ya all having. me brains' too fried now.

Simple American said...

Let me understant this. You are up after 3 in the morning working on your paper? Hmmm...

Wat to do with you mui?

Yng Lyn said...

supermans foot: nahh, I am sure georgie wouldn't mind... Id drag elton alone as well...

simple american kor aka. hypocrit: haha my thesis is on this spanish director Julio Medem. it should be interesting but i haven't found the inspiration yet... sigh!!!
No I am awake at three to design my tattoo lol

misti: nahh I've just been leaching off my parents and I am still unemployed... sighhhhhhhhhh :(
at least you're doing well! :D hugs!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the off-topicness of this post, but I think you should see this:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, fergot to sign off.

Yng Lyn said...

Dann: oh my god Nightwatch is coming out???? phwoarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Simple American said...

I thought you and Kracker were going to the tattoo parlor mui. Oh well. 40 hours of beer should have fueled the courage or least numbed the pain.

crazycat said...

who? who? who's got tattoo done?

Simple American said...

Yo LyN,

When your comments on a post equal 40+ I think it means its time to make a new post. You can write about how you can't think of what to write. Thats just my public service to you in case you don't have a topic. Though I was hoping (and I think all of your blog posse would agree) for more info from last weekend.

You didn't drink so much beer that you forgot. Huh?

Yng Lyn said...

crazycat: oh noo nooo i am getting my miserable dragonfly touched up!

Ah kor: yeahh we went but weren't inspired. anyway we had so much of beer that I've been staring into my wardrobe every morning for one hour. It was fun though!!!

And yes, I have updated!

crazycat said...

show show, i wanna see ur dragonfly!!

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