Tuesday, August 02, 2005

In God We Trust.

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Crooning on my STEREO: Take Me Out by FRANZ FERDINAND

First of all, this lovely image on the right is dedicated to a dear ol' friend aka. Bhangra Queen who was slightly intoxicated at the back of Raveen's car!

Secondly, this country is fucked. Its the first time I walked into a local club and NONE OF MY MALE FRIENDS OFFERED ME A LIFT HOME.

Like, fuck, do I have to a hail a miserable cab at 5am?????? Where the fuck are the nice blokes in this country?!?!??

In HELL I suppose. I've reasoned out a GRAND possibility of such selective treatment:


Yeah, I am FAT. So therefore I am UGLY.
In the eyes of Malaysian blokes anyway. Or perhaps everywhere else in this goddam world.


So I am all edgy and irritable. Anyway I have to keep in mind a valuable lesson I've learnt this week...


A friend suggested that I should propogate new rumours about myself on this site, so I've drafted out a scandalous account of myself:

Lyn is a lesbian. Lyn's real age is 45. Lyn sleeps with 60yr old men. Lyn WAS a man. Lyn owns a sex shop. Lyn is a leech. Lyn has a collection of 70 toyboys. Lyn takes cocaine. Lyn fags weed twice a day. Lyn bathes in tequila. Lyn heads a triple 6 CULT. Lyn produces amateur porn productions. Lyn is in such extreme poverty that she's been sleeping under bridges. Oh, don't forget that she scrounges off her degrees and fails all of them.

Come on you fuckers, go and spread these shits around.... since you ALL LOVE TALKING about ME ANYWAY.....

To prevent any further shortcomings,


Simple American said...

Well put up new pictures and we'll tell you if you are or are not.

The Vegas photos and the one with your two friends did not show anything to be worried about.

I'd say the hormones are a reasonable excuse. You may have driven the lads away and not been aware. There are times that I wish I could leave my wife somewhere until she transforms back into the kind loving warm person I married.

And be careful with the God thing. He has all those lightning bolts. Yeowch!

eyeris said...

there there... *I* would have offered you a lift home... provided I wasn't drunk at the time.... :P

Anonymous said...

Jeez, babe, at 5am you coulda called me you know!

Take it easy doll.
See you soon.

Caracola said...

OH well.....people always like to talk shit....it's like this everywhere!
That's what envy can make us...talk shit.
Anyways, eat loads of choco for ur pms....and don't think about the fat, just think how good it will make u feel, jajaja!

Simple American said...

Bad day keeps getting worse, huh?

Kunstemæcker said...

I think it's a rumour about you being fat and ugly. If I find out who started it, he/she's gonna get it!

You are beautiful, no matter what they say OMG Christina Aguilera is making sense to me! *shoots himself in the face.*

Yng Lyn said...

simple american: yeah.. thanks!
its just one of those days when hormones go haywire and I start imagining the negative..... in the midst of PMS i can still manage a smile.. not bad!
Oh.. God understands! LOL

Eyeris: hahah good good.. at least can be assured that there's still some decent people around in this city!

Dann: Thanks but No la... dun want you to drag yourself outta bed to fetch a doll home at 5am! btw UNCLE, I could have dragged you along to zouk... LOL

Caracolacolacola: Thanks babe... the chocolates should help... yayyyyyy
its hard when people backstab and make up stories behind ones back! Guess it happens everywhere... rest be assured that there's still some lovely people like you around lah!

Kunstemaecker: Thanksss too! you're so sweet! I can actually give you a list of men who've been horrid towards me... but unfortunately you're all the way in the europe so you can't teach them a lesson for me!
Thanks... thanks :)

mistipurple said...

well well well, i have not read your blogs yet, and already i can feel...you are HOT baby, HOT HOT HOT.. what HAVE i been missing these couple of months!!
ps. thanks for your visit, i should have rolled out a red carpet for you! *wink*

Anonymous said...

your pictures are great;
I thinks some guys don't know beauty when they see it, fools
whatever happens to you, you will always be beautifull to me
I think you are hermosisisisísima
who ever started that rumor will definatelly get it.

chau y cariños

Kris said...

well, at least they talk about you. -Keep in mind, some poor famous people actually do some of the things you mentioned deliberatly only so people will talk about them again.

Seng Boon said...

Khavs told me she doesnt drink! bah! ROOARRR!!!

Caracola said...

ur flick does not work in my computer neither! i think i have something worng...liao! ;-)

Anonymous said...

read your blog, think you'd be really interested in this website

Simple American said...

WTF does spam have to do with this conversation? When I see somebody do this I put them on my do not visit list.

Sorry for the rant LyN. Saw that and it struck a nerve.

Yng Lyn said...

mistipurple: You're HOT, HOT ,HOT TOO!!
*red carpet for you*

pedro: thanks.. if only there are more men like you around....

kris: that is sooo true! its touch but people still do it.... shocking way to get some attention.

Zack: ah hah! now you know she does!!!!! okay, she just had a long island....

Caracolacola: I like your new profile pic ;) yeahh my flicker badge is giving me problems... but the one on your page is alright though!

Simple American: yeahh I agree!!!! i hate SPAMMERS!!!!! i refuse to click on that dodgy link....

Anonymous said...

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