Sunday, August 07, 2005


Orlando in my ROOM
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Crooning on my STEREO: Give Me Novocaine by GREEN DAY


I've been sitting at home like a complete SLOB for the past THREE WEEKS. Apart from those occasional 'ABANDONED DURING CLUBBING' traumas, COMPLAINING about my gradual disfigurement and NOT LIFTING A FINGER to pen my supposedly first class dissertation.....


I will fucking tell you whats wrong with me.

1) I am LAZY.

2) I am GREEDY.

3)MY BEDROOM APPARENTLY HAS BAD FENG SHUI so it supposedly affects my brain's capacity to function.

Huh? I am speaking about my bedroom in Kuala Lumpur. Apparently my bed is positioned in the wrong NORTH-SOUTH-EAST-WEST whatever direction, my study table is in the wrong YING YANG Compass Pointer Earth Position behind the toilet bowl blah blah blah blah...

Honestly, I don't give cos I don't know fucks. After all my life aint that CRAP... I've got stuff some people would only dream of; family, money, friends, dogs, cars, Ipod, degrees etc.....

Beats FENG SHUI - The only thing I NEED to change in my bedroom are the sort of POSTERS I put up on my walls.

Yeah, I've got posters of MEN.


Even at 22, I somewhat REFUSE to take them down. I've got massive spreads of FOOTBALL TEAMS staring from the walls, residues of BOYBAND posters left here since I was 15 and a HAND ALTERED ORLANDO BLOOM POSTER which you can admire on the top right of this post.


To increase my fortune, I will take those pictures down.. fuck it!!!


Anonymous said...

Oi leng lui,
Meet us guys halfway here, at least state your interests lah. =)
I have a very good feeling a lotta guys out there wanna propose to you but aren't sure if you're taken, half-taken or waiting for someone. =)

Anyway onto more important things: My blog is something the matter. At the moment I can't update it. I'll bang Seven Swords as soon as it resolves itself. And you, where's your banging of the failed movie?
Maybe I'll e-mail my blog-bang-entry to you leh...


Simple American said...

Yeh LyN, in fact we demand more updates. ;)

Ya know LyN, you make me think of one of my college classmates. Sweet Pea was a little rich girl from Malasia and she treated everyone like they were her maid. I think sweet Pea was from KL too, but its been 15 years since I saw Pea last. I use to cringe when she came towards me. What demands today your highness? Don't know if you act like this. I don't think Sweet Pea knew how to act any different.

Now of course I don't know how you act with people. I just read your blog. Would not miss it for the world. Your energy is contagious, I don't think of you as lazy from what you blog. Greedy, dun know. I don't think travelling or wanting a ride makes you like tat.

Bad feng shui in your bedroom. Well tell somebody to fix it. Apparently somebody knew enough to tell you about it. Ask them if they would be so kind as to move things, so you can improve your life. That's a no fucking brainer there. Why tell you if they won't fix it? Speaking of which I need to adjust my son's room cause of that as well.

The posters might turn some guys off. But if a poster turns some dude off on you, I don't think you lost anything.

LyN be of good cheer. Don't fret. You're fun. Some guy will latch on to you. Hell I never had a gf until I was 27, course I was a geek in the army and thats two strikes against anyone. Don't sweat it, you got charisma, you got cutes, and you probably have some wise ass that doesn't know how to masturbate teasing you and putting you down. Tell them piss off and hang with the folks that respect you.

Change of subject. I think the owl was cool.

Yng Lyn said...

Dann: hahah, thanks bro! really.... i've been ranting compulsively lately so forgive me if i complain about the same ol' stuff when i see you next! hahah you know me well and thanks for yer kind wordsss... uncle.... joking la

oh mannn.. can't wait for you to bang seven swords... i haven had the inspiration to do so. Partly because I saw a an equally crap movie on the tv that very same day... man, i need some days for such monstrosity to sink in... meanwhile... update your blog la! its contagious......

simple american: hahah thanks for the comments!

Really, this blog is pretty much my alter ego, people who know me in real life do not sense much of my futile frustrations... in fact, many of them do not expect me to be constantly this vulgar! I guess thats what blogs are for; it is a sounding board for me to rant passively.

I promise you that I am much more optimistic in person!! And certainly more cheerful... I treat most people around me with respect unless they abandon me in a club! haha!

I pretty much aim to translate some of my negativity into some sort of energy... I'm glad you find it contagious. They say its dark humour, but don't mistake me.... I am very down to earth and unbeliveably human. Man, I am beginning to indulge in self praise but I hope I don't come across sounding like Sweet Pea with her royal commands!

I see my complaints as comical, but I dont expect empathy... I just hope my readers enjoy reading some of the imperfections of life :)

Yeah, back to Feng Shui bit... random people tend to comment on my room and not give any handy advice. You're right, i should only trust those who respect me as a friend...

Same goes to the boyfriend bit.. you're right about ignoring those who slag me off. Not that I want a boyfriend but its just hilarious how multitudes of men can turn a decent girl like me down for another female wanker out there....... haha!

This is another one of life's great mysteries...
I am loving it! :)

Kunstemæcker said...

I agree with anonymous (guys aren't sure) and Simple American (more updates so I don't know why I'm even commenting anymore.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: YOU'RE HOT.

mistipurple said...

yng lyn, my life is rotting compared to yours. i am corroding as i type. you are living life girl! *wink*

Simple American said...

Listen to you chat about your alter ego you sound so Chinese. (The way you write your name and facial structure makes me assume you have Chinese blood.) Chinese folks must a have strong repressive gene.

Don't doubt your public persona based on your photos. The pics look just like what you describe.

I take your comments as funny. You kind of remind me of a Malasian Amanda Bines. Cute, funny, and clever. A bit of an enigma.

Kunstemæcker said...

@Simple American: Lyn is Malaysian actually.

Simple American said...

You sure she's not Malaysian Chinese? I know a lot of folks that will say they are Malyasian, Indonesian, Viet Namese etc... But they are Chinese that moved to the country. A lot of that happened in the 1950s especially.

Caracola said...

Señorita Lyn: don't be negative lah!! u are a fantastic girl. YES You Are! I am sure you got much admirors than you might think, even the secret ones (who love much deeply than the rest). U got your blogger admirors here who tell you how gorgeous you are ( including me, and noup, not a lesbian) so at least that should cheer u up a bit.;-*
And i think the same about being a decent girl and turned out for a wanker female! I know that feeling too! that's soooo true but also, that wanker females don't have bf for soo long liao!

Caracola said...

OH!! and here there is another lazybones!! and i like it , so what? jeje!!

Yng Lyn said...

Kunstemaecker: thanks.. thanks... thanks.... ;) you always say the most flattering things!

Mistipurple: babes, you alright over there? dont let your life crumble! *huggies!!*
I do wish that i am REALLY living the life.... and I try to somehow... :(

Simple American: Cheerios! Both you and Kunstemaecker are right, I am Malaysian by nationality and Chinese by ethnicity. I'm a third generation immigrant and if i were to trace its history back to centuries... I might even have MONGOLIAN blood.
Life's a mystery, but yeah, I am the epitome of everything chinese except for the fact I can't read chinese. I think the Chinese are the most passive aggresive people on earth but there is also a subservient streak in them.
Thank goodness I've been abroad long enough to flush that out of my system....

Caracolacolacola: Thanks babe!!! Join the lazy club!! We pretty much share the same opinion in many things and I'm sure you've got many admirers too! ;) I love your new profile pic, so pretty LAH!..did you take that in Morocco? :D

mistipurple said...

yes subservient streak.. bow and walk backwards leaving your blog..

Simple American said...

Yng Lyn sounds Chinese, but that's probably a nic anyway.

Hey don't let not writing Chinese bug ya. I can't either and I really really tried. Three years of classes. The only thing I remember is that in the Peoples Rupublic they took the symbol for heart out of the word love. Cold bastards.

Yng Lyn said...

misti: hey gal, don't take me wrong.. but what i am saying is inherent. As far for myself and most chinese i know there is a certain degree of subservience in our culture as compared to others, hence I use the word 'streak.' Trust me, subservience is not always bad thing...

But I guess I cant stop people from bowing and leaving my blog. Nor worshipping it.
This is a free world in all due respect.

simple american: nah its not bugging me at all, in fact discussing Chinese as an adjective has been very interesting... it revises our perceptions of national history and its ability to shape contemporary attitudes. China, for me, is one of those surreal places I'd love to visit.

Simple American said...

I've always wanted to go to China. Looks like I will make it next year. My father-in-law will be 80 next year, so all six of his children plan on being there for the occasion. This will be the first time that all the siblings have been together since the early 80s. It'll be the first time my wife has returned to Hong Kong since 86. Me and the kids cannot let her go alone right. :)

I want to go Beijing and Shang Hai. Her family always does river cruises, so I suspect we will do that. I really want to visit Nanjiang and the Silk Road, but there's only so much time. Hopefully this won't be my only trip over there.

I would have liked to visit that one river with all of those strange, beautiful rock formations. Chinese artists have depicted these in many paintings and screens etc... But I hear the commies have flooded the place and now they are are all submerged. Bastards.

Kunstemæcker said...

Simple American, I'm inviting myself on your trip. Nope, you can't do nothing 'bout it, I'm coming along!

By the way Yng Lyn, me saying you're hot is hardly flattering.

Saying that you have a wonderful smile and a beautiful personality is.

Simple American said...

You'll have fun K-Man. I have beautiful neices that pack 10 times too much. You can help my son carry all that crap.


Don't worry about a hernia from carrying all that stuff. One of em is a doctor. Probably your age too.

Ooops!! Sorry. Returning this blog to the lovely and electric YnG LyN

mistipurple said...

lol. we have quite a party going on here! no worries yng lyn, i do have a subservient streak! i have this inherent need to please..all the time. :(

Yin said...

NO NO NO!!!! Must put the posters back up, every single one them. From what I read. There is nothing I would want to change about you. Keep it up, girl ^^

Simple American said...

All right group hug. Get in here misti. K-Man, LyN. Everybody else. Relaxing hug.


Lyn need a new post. ;)

Kunstemæcker said...

I never get so much comments on any of my posts boo hoo hoo.

This is number 21 already.

Yng Lyn said...

To Kunstemaecker, Simple American, Misti and Yin:

Must be the SE Asian haze suffocating my ability to update...

mistipurple said...

HUG VERY TIGHT BEAR HUG to Simple American, Yng Lyn, Kunstemaecker, Yin, Caracola, and anonymous! hehe! thanks for initiating that SA! you're such a shweet guy!

and Yng Lyn, you'll always be a cool dudette! you ooze charm and charisma. whoever cannot see that is either comatosed or dead.

Simple American said...

No blaming of ethnicity or nationality for not posting.

Type, type, type.


Caracola said...

Wow Yng!! this post was so good, even the comments...i really liked it!! ;-)

and Misti dear, thanks to think about me, i am a bit of MIA lately, sniff, sniff!

*muacks to all*

Kunstemæcker said...

I'm not hugging anyone! >:P

Simple American said...

OK ladies. Pile on Kunstemaecker. If you don't hug you get dog piled.

mistipurple said...

woof woof...

Yin said...

*Big hugs to all %^^

Lyn. On the origin note, can you actually read chinese?

Yng Lyn said...

ALL OF YOU GUYS ARE FABULOUSSS.... A GIANT BEAR HUG!!! woof Woof :) And yes Misti.. you're a lovely gal!!

Yin, yeah its a pity I can't read Chinese... was never taught when I was young so am striving hard to play catch up now.... its slow but I plan to master it one day! :) x Can you read chinese?

LE said...

cool blog, lyn. nothing wrong w/ having some eye candy at your place. my favorite poster is of brad pitt from fight club, where's he's shirtless and banged up. yummy.

hugs for everyone!

mistipurple said...

yng lyn: i can't read chinese too. i've been hopeless in chinese though i topped the class in primary school! i lost it after i switched to another school which teaches it in the first language. hah. it was as they say, 'duck's eggs' from then on. (zeros!)

Yng Lyn said...

le: thanks! yeah Brad Pitt did look good in Fight Club... was drooling over him in that film!
Rule No 1: Fight.
Rule No 2: Fight.
Rule No 3: Fight shirtless
Hugs to you too! :D

Misti: oooo join the club cos I thought I was the only one! :( yeahh I hear the cantonese phrase 'duck's egg' so often.... sigh!!
Never mind, you're never alone...we'll master our roots one day! hugs!!