Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pain in the HEAD.

Kuala Lumpur Haze
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Crooning on my STEREO: Out Of Touch by UNITED NATIONS

Okay, I'd like to thank our fellow neighbours in Sumatra for the gorgeous smog which engulfed our city the last week or so.

As you can see from my face, I totally LOVED it.

The haze has done my lungs good and it beats passive fagging in Zouk anytime.

In fact, I purposely come back for summer every goddamn year to indulge in our exceptional air quality. I breathe in a lung's worth of this heavenly scent of burnt wood to get me HIGH.


I haven't seen BLUE SKIES in two weeks and my tan is fading into a constipated shade of decomposed yellow. I can't wait to show off to my European friends my sickly complexion when I get my ass back in London next week.

Plus, the lack of outdoor activities means that I am NOW OFFICIALLY A BIGGER SLOB THAN EVER and I've started to burn my size 10 shirts to make way for size 12 ones.

In the process I've created my very own localised SMOG to get me high and blind to all these FOREST-FIRE NONSENSE.

Our beloved haze left us today. It is making its soldout SouthEast Asian TOUR to other places of unexpected concern.

I, from the bottom of my woeful heart, would like to say these farewell words:



Kunstemæcker said...

Jiameei wrote a post on smog as well. Funny stuff, because you're both blaming the neighbours. lol

Yng Lyn said...

hahah we're both malaysians.... guess we stand united against our cruel neighbours! lol!!

mistipurple said...

*cough cough* glad mr smog went away to visit other neighboring countries! *cough* blow blow away haze in case it hits here. a couple of years back, i walked into my kitchen and it was half white with haze, and yes, i blame it on my bad bad neighboring country too. *wink*

Simple American said...

Sorry your trip home was less than memorable. Hope you got to spend some time with Sam.

Yng Lyn said...

Misti: hahah i hope it doesn't hit the northern SE Asian countries..... you're from Singapore right? man, I dislike this annual haze affair with indonesia... they never seem to sort it out! :(

Simple American: no worries.. oh Sam's in heaven by the way :(

mistipurple said...

yes yng lng, singapore gets it too. we depend alot on the direction of the wind on our fate. :( bad bad neighbors. it affects our tourism numbers, our health and our economy too.

Anonymous said...

Kindly reminds you of England don't it? Visibility was barely 200 meters at one point. It's too bad the smog didn't stay longer, else I could have complained about a cough and cold due to the haze, and I'd have stayed home and good shows over and over again.

Simple American said...

Sorry to hear about Sam.

Caracola said...

Is it really that bad? oh god! and i though Madrid was hell! why fucked up neighbours acting like that? no understand! sad...really sad

ty bluesmith said...


Yng Lyn said...

misti: i hope it doesn't hit singapore! the haze is such an awful annual affair and indonesia should sort themselves out.... anyway hope alls well over there :) hugs

dann: yeahhh mannn.. at least the air in london is slight more bearable that the smog! hahah you lazy person...

simple american: thats alright, it happened last year... but am still struggling to get over it.. sigh.

caracolacolacola: yeahhhh.. indonesia is always giving us loadsa fire and smog every year due to open burning sigh! oh, guess what? i will be in Malaga by the 26th September! woohoooooo

tblue: heyyy nothings up... how are you?

LE said...

wow, and i thought l.a. smog was pretty bad.

that's such a cute pic though.

Caracola said...

Lyn: YES YES AND YEEEEES!! wohoooooo!

Yng Lyn said...

le: Thanks! :) how's it over there in LA?

caracolacolacola: yeahhhhh I am definitely comingggg wooohoooooooo!! I am meeting Kunstemaecker next weekend :D wish you could be here too!