Thursday, November 27, 2008

This, too, will pass

Crooning on my STEREO: What A Wonderful World by BOB SINCLAR ft Axwell

From the choice of song I reckon i am getting better. I bought the 2009 MOS Annual and I realized that - I have Ibiza and Bob Sinclar to look forward to. I have always wanted to do this before I turn 28 (freaking 3 years from now) and I really shouldn't complain.

Ok I do get my fits about Gio. I miss him like hell.
But I am annoyed at several things so that keeps me distracted from reeling about the whole catastrophe. Obviously I wouldn't tell you everything here, in case some lame psychotic ass would take it word for word and say,"ohhhh Lynnn you lied to me and you are soooo immature. I know the real youuuuu" I am already dealing with a classic example of that type of loser who is spreading lies about me right here in Munich.

Best thing is, I have nothing to do with this insecure and deluded pest. I hardly even know him.

I stalk Il DiVO. YES. Claro Que Si. Doh.

I stalk him? Eeww. L A M E. I did feel sorry for him but there's a line when things go out of hand. Especially if it threatens to affect me professionally.

The next rumor that lands on my table will bring about a surprise. He will probably read this special mention since he is stalking me anyway. Ah, the bitter price of fame.

See? I got 20% of my self esteem back.

Then there's the arduous decision between the car and the dog as a micro attempt next year to replace Gio. Here's the drift:-

The Material Investment: Car
Pros: Looks cool. Something to brag. Good for avoiding freezing your butt off during winter. No U-Bahn MVGs to harass you on tickets. I can drive to Salzburg. I can park in front of clubs.
Cons: 36 month repayment scheme for a first hand. Left hand drive. Not cheap.

The Emotional Investment: Dog
Pros: They are better than men. They really make you happy. I can bring him to work too. And I live opposite a park thats as big as Oxford.
Cons: My work travels. I am usually away for a week so who's going to care for the poor dear? And if he dies I wouldn't want to go through this sorrowful stage again and flood you with depressive posts.

I am trying to choose one of the two as a mode to get down to earth. Help me out and give me your votes now!


KY said...

get a hamster


Jolenesiah said...

erm.. sounds like getting a car is pretty cool... u do need to get a license to drive rite?

do they have dog hotel over there?

mistipurple said... BOTH! :D

Rt Hon Sir Cipan Nougat-Tenuk said...

Dogs are better than men? ....

... frantically drags mind out of the gutter