Monday, November 10, 2008


Crooning on my STEREO: Universo by CRISTINA DONNA

oh hello. I reckon you read my blog. sometimes

but you see. I am drunk. And I will update my blog in this manner because I am more interesting when i am drunk. It is kinda cool and true. yeah. whatever.

so yeah. some of you may work with me. and some of you may, kinda, know me. oh well, whatever.

so yeah, again. I will tell you about myself. I am 25. I am working in munich. I don't speak good german. but neither do I speak any other languages that well. god knows why I was hired. though i know i am freaking good at what i do.

but i am kinda useless anyway, whatever.

but you see. my boyfriend dumped me. And i became an alcoholic. hold on, I have always been one. So thats why he dumped me. no, i am not hot. i have a big bum and no boob.

thats ok. i was never hot to begin with. then there were many guys who dumped me. so i got used to it. because i think i am kinda too cool for them.

ok. I am drunk. whatever. but you know i am still cool. as in, I wont abandon you and I will prevent you from falling into the darkness. i am a good friend unless you screw me behind my back.

ho ho ho ho.

so is anyone coming with me to the Cologne festival in February? like, seriously.


KY said...

awww *hugs*
do you provide a place to sleep in Germany?

Yng Lyn said...

yes my dear. now that the fucker doesn't care about me.

KY said...

ahh in this case I shall consider this very hard.. emmm.. I want to go on a trip :D

car@ said...

hmmmm i might be! :-) love cologne and tickets are so cheap!! *hint hint* maucksssssssss that was a VERY funny post