Saturday, October 28, 2006


Crooning on my STEREO:
Sei Parte Di Me by ZERO ASSOLUTO

Surprise!! Surprise!! I aint travelling out of the sH*T hole* this week. We're doing some sort of a run-up to HALLOWEEN followed by an unknown (to me, anyway) public holiday sometime next week. So there's lots of gatecrashing and kebab-ing to do.....

Today is a good Italian friend's birthday. And because I am one of the scarce few who live in the town center, I was delegated the pleasant task of buying a birthday cake. Or torta di compleanno as they may call it.

Why buying a cake in PERUGIA is a pain-in-the-ass.

1. Cake shops do not open on weekends.
2. The really good bakeries are very well hidden in the peripheries.
3. Even if you find them, they solo parle Italiano
4. I don't have a car.
5. Buses tend to disorientate you by driving through marshes and bushes.

With my usual luck I found an obscure chocalatier 800m away from my doorstep. CHOCALATIER. Yes, you read it right. They shouldn't sell cakes. They sell, CHOCOLATE.**

No sh*t.

After a near miss from a car trying to run me down while crossing the road, I found something remniscent to a CAKE.

THANK GOD. I dont care whats inside. Be it egg, bacons or bananas. I dont even care what's written on top. Whatever.

The next mission: FINDING A CANDLE.

fuck. where the hell do they sell candles in this sh*thole?


* Perugia is a sh*thole because no amount of animal poo in the zoo can beat the amount of doggy sh*t we have on the streets here.

**Chocolates = Perugia's Pride. Probably the only thing we are famous for. The world famous choc BACI originated from a Perugian based company that is very creatively named Perugina.


Mirebella said...

That looks absolutely YUM! Speaking of chocolate - I "discovered" this absolutely delightful SPANISH chocolatier that serves the best BEST chorizo with a choice of dark, milk or white choc as dipping *am drooling as we speak*. That choc cake brings back memories - sinful yes? ;-)

stephanie said...

I misss youuuuuu *SOB* Did i already mention that? :p At least u haf choccies, choccies and MORE choccies to keep u happy there. Well, that's ur consolation for now...and possibly better looking stalkers? Bwahahaha

lilyliverbird said...

perugia sounds like manure with all the dog shit :p

Yng Lyn said...

mirebella: serious?? where was it?? chorizo? god.. i haven't heard the word in ages......
man, i am drooling in the land of chocolate. No wonder i am turning into a fat bum!!! your fault, honey!!! ;) jk jk

steph: sei yan tau!!!!! again... the chocolate temptation. At least they are more decent than the men here. sigh.... you better give me some good news in melb!!!!! ;) muahaahah!!

lily: indeed it is... and i am rotting with it. boo hooo hooooo!! :(

Simple American said...

So what was inside the cake? On the edge of my seat.

sic6sense said...

you've just killed the romanctic notion i had of perugia.

KevinTeh.Net said...

can i have a piece?? looks tasty!

Mirebella said...

In one of Melbourne's outer suburbs - come by and I'll bring you there .. ;-).

Yng Lyn said...

kor: its really a cake!!!!!!!! but tasted kinda 'off' though...

sic6ense: perugia is really NOT a romantic city... i swear!

kevinteh: yes you may... will ship it to you tommorrow! :D

mirebella: i will!!! i miss melbourne!!!!! :) really love to see yaaaa soon! :)

Simple American said...

Is it chocolate cake. Butter cake. A sponge cake. Details my dear! ;)