Monday, October 09, 2006

Miracle At Assisi

Crooning on my STEREO:
Muneca de Trapo by LA OREJA DE VAN GOGH


Well obviously I got back safe and sound. Despite the miserable amount of Italian I speak, I managed to hop on the right busses and to pinpoint the right pilgrim route to reach the Basilica of St Francis. Even the granny pilgrims climbed the hill faster than I did...

The entrance of the basilica. It's on the slope y'see, and I tempted to perform a little dance to see if anyone would notice me.

(I can't be arsed to edit and photoshop the photographs as most arty farty travel geeks would do. Therefore so you'll have to bear with the purest form of naturalism in my photgraphy.... )

Monks leaving their classes. I was tempted to hand them some happy-hour-pub-flyers. I wonder if they will be quite fun to party with.

The great Umbrian view from the fortress. I am beginning to believe that I will be constantly climbing hills for the rest of my Italian stint.

Then I walked into a medieval knight who was more depressed than I am. Even his horse was pretty down, too. A happy-hour-pub-flyer for him!

Two miracles took place here. My good friend Francis (who later became the patron saint of Italy) was born on this very spot. Secondly, my prayer was answered almost immediately after I made a silent prayer in the chapel.

My prayer was simple: I NEEDED A TOILET.

Yes. Like a true pilgrim I had walked the the entire village of Assisi with a loaded bowel. THERE WERE NO TOILETS ALONG THE PILGRIM ROUTE
When my bowel was about to leak I desperately wailed before the altar, and someone up there had instant mercy on me. :)

A stray toilet appeared miraculously just outside the chapel.

Every good occurance had its payback. It started to rain. I found a shelter in a nativity house next to an obscure crypt. For once I felt quite tall. (I might have knocked down a few of the figurines though...)

This man felt sorry for me because I looked foreign and alone. Then again, I AM FOREIGN AND ALONE. I told him that there is nothing to feel sorry about.......

*Being alone is better than getting stalked*

Then again it is easier stalk someone who is alone, right?

To numb this fear I need marijuana. God, how I miss Amsterdam.

Explains why I have been indoors so much lately. I will tell you about the Russian stalker. Soon.


Anonymous said...

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mistipurple said...

lol about the instant toilet! but what a relief eh?

Simple American said...

Interesting jaunt.

They have pubs in Italy? So how do you order a beer in Italian?

Russian stalker huh? Ya needs some per-tection?

Rt Hon Sir Cipan Nougat-Tenuk said...


Hey, cool blog. And nice shots too. I used to be a 35mm (film!) nut - yeah, I'm the last of the dinos around.

The nearest I got to Italy was the back of an Italian waitress' hand - in Southern Germany. But that's another story :p

Anonymous said...

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stephanie said...

Getting pregnant?!! Haha these spamos are getting more hilarious. I love the piccies! Well at least now that ure home more, you'd haf more time to update ur adoring *KOFF* public with insanely interesting feeds. :p Maybe i shud thank the stalker??! Bwahahahahaha

Yng Lyn said...

mistipurple: miracles comes in all forms! I am so blessed.......

korkor: oh yeahhh beer is birro. and i do need per-tection, NOW!!!! :)

sir cipan nougat-tenuk: Welcome!!!! 35mm is a classic, you should scan some into the computer. Remember, don't edit it! bwahah!
Southern Germany? Wow, that I've never been to... you should share some stories with us! :)

Stef: see? I not only have stalkers, I have SPAMMERS... sigh. someone has to impregnate me to scare them away...

fuxxxx.. what am I saying???? see? you are a bad influence. ;P

lilyliverbird said...

leng loi,
I miss amsterdam too:D

idham's directory said...

:) bloghopped into ur lovely wonderful & colourful blog.

Enjoy every ride!


car@ said...

WOW LYN! SO MANY UPDATES LOL! good about that stalker that he is away NOW! *PHEW* that must have been more relief than the toilet jajajajaja!

Love that pic! well, all of them. It looks a medieval it!

Kisses babe!

socialpest said...

I'm living vicariously through you because I'll never be able to travel s much!! Next update soon plsssss. :) Missed you babe.

Beer Brat said...

damn.... you are just having too much fun.....

Yng Lyn said...

lilly: hahah I miss the weed. ;)

Idham: Welcome!! :)

Cara: love yaa... i've had to stay indoor so much lately that I've been blogging! I am gonna post a new episode today! ;)

socialpest: darling, you'll def travel more than me one day! you're still young, remember? :)

beerbrat: hahaah more fun if you were here to drink with me!!! :D