Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Crooning on my STEREO:
Watch You by LEE CABRERA

Excuse my Il Divo worship in the previous post. Sometimes one gets too carried away when receiving such climactic news. I guess I just wrecked my reputation right there.

Besides the point, my second trip to Rome within the last 6 years has confirmed this:


Suddenly, Perugia seems like a shithole. It doesn't help when the first person you walk into as you arrive Umbria was YOUR STALKER. Then again, it is the job of a stalker to stage coincidences. Such a cow.

ROMA has its charm. Something tells me that this love has something to do with La Dolce Vita

Fellini. Giulietta Massina. Nino Rota. Anita Ekberg. Trevi Fountain. It all seemed so, beautiful.

And it all seemed such a long time ago.

Yes. I am getting all heavily nostalgic about lost dreams and aspirations. It's like glancing at a passing train in a subway. You kinda, just, missed it.

(thanks to my Slutirah for the pose in the Roman Metro, thankfully we missed the train crash the day after.)

Gone were the days of bald monks in the Vatican City. Nowadays you have those with semi-aviator shades and Von Dutch caps.
And lord, I look so puffed up and pale in this picture. Kindly disregard me. I hope I don't usually look this stale.

I miss the past. For those of you who have watched the Russian Ark and felt its bittersweet aftertaste, you will understand how I feel about reminiscence.

This particular staircase in St Petersburg's Hermitage was where the film's closing scene was shot. I am truly honoured to have pranced (and not trip) on it.

For the ignorant lot, the picture above was taken in RUSSIA. NOT ITALY.


Okay, I am getting all emo. I think it is due to the RM2000 (500 Euro) Il Divo tickets.


Simple American said...

I think you look wonderful mui. Good to see you with a smile on your face and hairy man on your arm.

stephanie said...

2000 buckerooos??!! il divo tickets?!!! WTF!!! I feel all emo now too hmmph p.s. if its any consolation, i can look stale-er than you anydayyy >_<

Anonymous said...

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car@ said...

SO NICE!!! you get to see your parents in ROME again! ;-)


Mirebella said...

Rome is my fav destination in Europe too, the history, architecture - I simply spent ages walking the streets of Roma whilst practically drooling over the men in Armani suits! Hehehhe.. *Then again, haven't been to Spain yet so I might have to get back to you on that*.

Wah! RM2000 tix ..Err.. I think I will have to pass on that!

And yeah - Am a Red Devil supporter luvvy..hehhehe.. you are not going to hold it againts me now are you? ;-)

Kunstemæcker said...

hahaha. You love Rome.

and Spain, and France, and the USA and Russia, and Belgium.

You're the original globetrotter :)