Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Italian Faerie

Crooning on my STEREO: The Only Difference Between Matyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage by PANIC! At The Disco

Once upon a time,

A foolish girl left for the pilgrim mountains of Perugia. Why? Because she is dumb. Because a kind institution granted her a rare opportunity to re-live the impoverished life of a student. Being a true Malaysian, she devoured the F.O.C offer in guise of an attempt to escape her existing man troubles.

Thus she quitted her media job. Graduated in style. Went to the Soviet Union. Came back. And forced herself to leave her beloved 2nd home in Velvet Underground behind. How painful.

Not knowing a word of its local dialect, oblivious of its choco-culture and traffic rules; she plunged headsdown into the chilly valleys of Umbria. She reluctantly turned her back to all sentimentality, and carried nothing but an open heart to a town far from Fellini-esque Roma. (okay, with the exception of her laptop and ipod... )

She found herself a medieval residence in the obscure corner of the supposedly haunted town, which conveniently faces a scaffolded construction site. Every morning, she greets the builders as she opens her windows for breath of fresh mountain air. Builders are fascinated by her laptop that ocassionally blasts JT's 'SEXY BACK' in the afternoons. And her curtain-less bathroom.

Then she figures how to boil water from a saucepan, sleep in murky duvets and clean chimneys.... not to mention mapping her way around over 30 steep and narrow street alleys. Without a map.

And of course, nobody there speaks English. Back to the Middle Ages.


This is the beginning of a new life for the next three months.


Simple American said...

Welcome to your life AhMui!

car@ said...

AAAYYYY! I am so very excited for you Lyn! i am sure will have a blast!! missing you! and come to Spain whenever you want! i will be waiting for you arms wide open! love u!!

Reuben said...

Hey Lyn,

Glad to hear that you're back to kindling that adventurous spirit of yours. Whenever I watched a bad programme on tv, I always thought of you being cooped up in the office forced to pick up second rate dramas from the bargain bin of the media world. ;) Glad you are out of that hell hole though damn sometimes I wonder where you come up with these excursions and where you find the time?

And mmm an Italian boyfriend with lots of chest hair perhaps? ^_^

I on the other hand will be going off to KK to climb the mountain and to KL to see my gf ^_^. Comparatively tame for shure!

Stay in touch Lyn and all the best. Leave a message on my gmail sometime. reuben.yap at gmail.

mistipurple said...

wow you are so going places. ok.. mountains and mapless streets. :P
enjoy your stay/study and live life!! yeah!

Yng Lyn said...

kor kor: thankss :) i am embracing it!

cara: carolllll thanksss babe!!! i am thinking of coming over during X'mas... what do you reckon? I'm not sure what to do!! lol!!!

reuben: its so sweet of you to leave a comment. And its pretty sincere one too, thanks! And yes, i am out of the hell hole and out to enjoy life once again. I am taking the three months off to re evaluate my priorities. :)

Take care and have wonderful trip to KL. who's your girlfriend ah??? ;)

Misti: thanks honey, i will! sending you love from Italiaaa

Miss Fern said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous. But then again, I'm not the one spending 3 months there :P

You'll be back before you (and I) know it. Keep in touch!

sic6sense said...

while you're at it, take up a course in italian cooking!

Mirebella said...

Awww sweetie - how rustic... or exciting! Qudos on taking the plunge per-se tho .. am not sure whether I would be daring enuf to chuck everything yet again - unless there is a cushy job offer waiting on the other end that is.

Am looking fwd in seeing more updates from you.. good luck chica.

stephanie said...

damnit! once again im not the first one to leave a comment :p i'm so proud of you dingbat (u know wat i mean bwahahaha) going "home" to velvet underground without you is just...DEPRESSING! So i shall refrain from going there for the next 3 months or so. Hmmm..maybe once...or twice... LOL xoxo

lilyliverbird said...

Have fun. Update regularly please so we can share your adventure with you :)

Reuben said...

Haha don't know if you know her though she was at Notts. Lae Hing? Short cute girl with a loud voice? Accounts and finance student? Haha. She's now being tortured by the evil that is CIMB corporate finance.

I myself am also reevaluating my priorities as well and have been taking a break for about uhhhh like a year before beginning serious work though I do a 8-6 job helping my dad with his property company and ITfying the law firm. What's not serious about it? Not many deadlines, rather flexible hours and earning a shit ass pay (RM700 a month).

Damn you, I want to reevaluate my life travelling to some foreign country as well! Like Japan where I can further my Aikido training and see all the kawaii and kowaii things. Unlike you I much prefer my sashimi to italian chest hair ^_^

Yng Lyn said...

miss fern: i miss you though, wish you could be here too! hugs! i've been so cultured since i got here.. no more alco and loud music!

sic6ense: as much as I would like to, i can't cook for nuts!! dont wanna embarass myself with the basics...

mirebella: thanks babe.. i know you're a crazy traveller just like me. more opportunities to come! :D

stef: you're so sweet!!!! its funny how people see Velvet as LYN! i am honoured.. its such a lovely home. but you know, its the people who make it loveable. such as WLH. and YOU who dumped me for Heritage row...

Lilly: definitely will keep you posted. and I love reading your chic stories!! :) hugs

Reuben: CIMB is hell to work with, and its so near my home! i dont remember the girl though.... sigh..

its good to work with dad as a start. you can the necessrary exposure and a little privilege before he unleashes you to the big bad world out there. but i know you will cope well...

btw, i am on a scholarship by the Italian govt. I've been given a sabattical and that means i will prob go back to work at the same place when i come back in Jan. They are waiting to devour me!!

Anonymous said...

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