Sunday, October 15, 2006

Senza Fine

Crooning on my STEREO: Talk by COLDPLAY

At this point I am so delirious. I've just stumbled out of a wicked Roman weekend but there's a piece of news which I'd like to share with you NOW.

I don't even want to blog about ROMA, yet.

Guess what? I've nagged to God about this so many times. This poor little spinster has finally seen a ray of hope.

*drum rolls*


I love him. I've lusted over him for two years. I dream of marrying him. I come running to him when truckload of fuggers let me down. He has been my muse for all my soppy screenplays.

I've travelled the world looking high and low for him.

The Man whom I believe is the epitome of all masculine perfection.

God, I love him.

and fuck, how can any male specie look so delicious in an Armani suit?

Help me.


I am dumping my PHD for him. I am dumping PERUGIA for him.

I would even dump IKER CASILLAS for him.

This is the plan. I will buy tickets first thing it becomes available. Best seats. I will sell my handbags for it. Platinum seats, y'hear? In front of the stage. Then book myself into a Shangri-La suite from January 14th-18th on the same floor as him. Check his flight details. Camp at the airport. Get an extensive floor plan of the KL Convention Center and map the backstage/VIP routes. Memorise the most heartwrenching French poem ever written. Buy a 6ft banner. Buy a killer black dress. Killer heels. Lose 5kg by January. Handmake a giant gift as dowry.


Yup. I am a stalker too.


Miss Fern said...


Don't know if you've sufficiently scoured the Internet for all available information, but this is the number for Shangri-La's Il Divo hotline: 03-20743525.

I can imagine the day of the concert and some unidentified Chinese ah moi jumps on stage and grabs each of the men before being dragged off the stage by security.


Kunstemæcker said...

Goddd, just when I thought you kicked the habit ...

it aaaalll starts over again. sigh.

Yng Lyn said...

miss fern: thanks girl!!!
hahaaha not yet, i went to the il divo forum to investigate but no details yet. you wanna go???? i will enlist you into the il divo stalkers club... bwahahaha...

yes the ah moi will target the french one. will make sure i wear something memorable on that day.....

kracker: hahahh you're right. Once a boyband groupie, will always be one! wanna join me? ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could join you but I don't know who he is.

do save me a sit.
I'm glad you are doing fine and having fun

At this time, I'm in Washington D.C
the Nation's capital, I plan to go to the white house this weekend and give Bush a piece of my mind


I do know some italian

Pedro G

Mirebella said...

You would drop Iker???It must be true love then ;-). But surely they would be playing in Europe more than in KL babe... but then again - the things we do for "rurve" ..hehehe

Give me Ryan (Giggs) anytime tho..heheheh...

stephanie said...

Bwahahahaha rain, hail or shine..u'll always be a looonie >_< sei yan tau LOL We shall go stalk them together but i MUST take a memorable pic of you being dragged off stage before i get dragged off myselff ;) No need to thank me, thats wat pea buddies are forrr lalaalala :p

Anonymous said...

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Yng Lyn said...

pedro: ciao!!! hows Washington DC coming along? let me know the outcome of your conversation with Bush....

Mirebella: Actually. maybe not dumping Iker... hmm.. I am slightly confused now haha!

been travelling around europe hoping to meet them but they're always in the States :( guess there's no fate, sigh..... you going for the concert?

Because of your love for Giggsy.... i think you're a ManYoo fan right? i hope not!! hehe!!

Steph: Sei Yan Tou!!!! I'm sure you'll be on the stage quicker than me!!! Its easier to lift you off cos you're lighter, but for me, they will have a hard time dragging me unless there's a tractor on hand!! lol!!!

Simple American said...

Who is with you? Some things have to be done alone dear. Though I don't mind hanging out at the Shangra La with ya.

car@ said...

JEJEJE! I am with you...he is HOT! i am so glad Lyn! Hope you can see them. I won't write anything else except i love you coz i spoke to you just beFORE. jeje! :-)