Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Home In The City

Crooning on my STEREO:
World, Hold On by BOB SINCLAIR

Just a thought. Apart from translating Il Divo lyrics during class, I've been dreaming about Bob Sinclair.

Oh, he is so HOT.

I've spent the whole night crooning to his stuff, and intoxicated myself to believe that he is somewhere in town. You know how alcohol makes you believe the unbelieveable.

And since everyone's been wondering what my Perugian flat looks like, the pissed picture above should give you a vague idea. I am not complaining.
Too bad you can't smell the stench from the cook-in I had with my friends last night. Imagine, one of them were even chopping vegetables on the floor.

Horror of all horrors...
At least they did the cooking!

I am pretty fortunate to have my own pad in the city center. Not that Perugia is a buzzling metropolis, you'd be pleased to know that this is the exact view from the my window.

I know what you are thinking.

It's less haunted than you think.

The advantage of living in the city is that most people knows where you live. If anyone ever pops into town you're bound to have a visitor or two. My flat is virtually a pit stop; people come in for a nap, snacks, watch MTV or to use my internet. Yes, I am proud to be running a gas station.

This is when the STALKER comes into picture. Because EVERYBODY seems to know where that Malaysian chink girl lives, a certain Russian/Italian dude (who was a friend of a friend) decided to tail me from house to school and via all means of mobile communication. I am too lazy to elaborate here... most of you (who were constantly online on msn) would have followed the 2 day drama when I had to hide in the bathroom and under the table.

Note the past tense. I told him that I was lesbian (in Italian) and he backed off. For now.

Why didn't I think about that earlier???

My first case of a short-term stalker took place this time last year in Malaga, Spain. I had gone to the campus pub and had a friendly conversation with 18 year old Spanish dude and his friend (coincidentally captured in the background of this half-drink picture we took on that night).

Heaven knows why both dudes decided to tail us back to the hostel and played guitar outside my room till 5am. Everytime I walked out to tell them to shut it, they insisted on me following them home. For fux sake they were underaged, so I left them alone.

Courtesy of their serenade everyone on my block had little sleep that night.

This time, the Russian stalker was less romantic. There were stones thrown at my window etc.

In relation to this drama my sister was telling me about a film by Tarkovsky aptly named Stalker. After that I was feeling all nostalgic and looked through some vacation photos we took in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This picture struck me.

The bar boy looked a little familliar..


car@ said...

ROFLOL!!!!! so u told him you were...muahahahahahahahaha!!! hilarious! and he did believe you? i am glad he stopped. That octopussy was a pain in your ass. OH!! the pic of Russia! should have known: Vodka and Gin! :-)

car@ said...

ohhhh ohhh! and i love Bob Sinclair too, i think that song is so cool...we all are the children of the sky! wOrld...hold on...he has to come to Marbella...i'll give u an uptdate, maybe you can come over ^-^

stephanie said...

OMG OMG OMG! Its that one of those erm all-ice bars??? I thought they only had those in Finland or Norway??! It's frickin coooool. THe shot glasses and everything else were all made of ice ('cept for the seats ofcourse). How awesome is that! :p You know wot bubby? I think u haf some sorta evil twisted fate with stalkers bwahahaha you seem to be attracting alot this year, especially weird blog stalkers KOFF ;)

sic6sense said...

you're giving all stalkers a bad name. i stalk your blog!

Kunstemæcker said...

So now, the only country left in the world for you to visit is Vanuatu, right?

How's the Russian mentality? I would love to visit their country and play scrabble with Putin.

Anonymous said...

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lilyliverbird said...

Girl, you have had two stalkers. Hollywood should be your next stop. Megabucks!

Yng Lyn said...

cara: hahahah he believed me!!! what a puta!!! lol.... we should drink vodka and gin together in Moscow one day!! woot wooottt :) and we can both drool over BOB SINCLAIR!!! if he's coming to Marbella I so have to STALK him ;)

Steph: yeahhh its an ice bar!!!!!! its tiny though cos I expected it to be bigger! hey... you are atttracting psychotic men too..... and possible stalkers... ahem ahem.... I dun wanna name names here...

sic6sense: you are a GOOD stalker. I like you!

kracker: nope.. i still have to take the Trans Siberian railway, South America, Arctic and the rest. The world is just too huge.

lily: YOU should be in hollywood honey.... you probavbly have a million stalkers out there!
including me, LOL. kidding lah.

Anonymous said...

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sic6sense said...

trans siberian?? i've planning for that for yonks!! hopefully, 2007.

trekking across the atlas mountains in morrocco is another must do (for me anyways).

Miss Fern said...

I thought you said (where ever you are now - I forget!) was a sleepy town.

Oh and a piece of news which will make you fall down and die: Il Divo is coming to KUALA LUMPUR next January.

Just thought you'd like to know :P

Yng Lyn said...

sic6ense... thats way to go!!!!! i hope you take the train next year and let me know how it goes.....

i wanna go to Machu Picchu...


I am so coming back in January now... know where to get advanced tickets??? thanks for the wonderful wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vincent said...


thank god he didnt have a lesbian fetish.

u seem like you are having a blast! we go drinking when you come back, yes. this time no more sore throats!

Anonymous said...

Brush aside the rest of the herd. This site constitutes adequate for me and I'm sure enough it's enough for others too. - stop snoring

Mirebella said...

Love Love that pic at the icebar - been wanting to go and see what the hype is about - but havent quite got down to it yet..

Stalkers... its that exotic look chica.. all that glowy tanned skin and all... its simply irresistable..tho an 18 yr old.. cradle snatching... :-)

Russian/Italian...hmmm... tell me he was cute at least?

KevinTeh.Net said...

lyn ur life's so happening! i wanna have that kind of life. haha!

Anonymous said...

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stephanie said...

Eh we were supposed to go climb Mt Fuji too!! Do not abandon me on that! Or else i will tell you-know-who you're HIS psychotic stalker and thenn bwahahaha he will be allll MINE!!! *evil laughter again* >_< Oh yes, i did forgot to mention, il divo IS coming to town mid-Jan (16th or 18th or sumfin) so get ur butt back ASAP so we can go perv togetherrr :p

Yng Lyn said...

vincent: I realised that alcohol is the best remedy for a sore throat....

Get out of GER-BENG and minum with all of us here in KL!!!!! tengok bola with us!!! we miss you!!!!!

mirebella: the ice bar was cool but a lot smaller than I expected... its like walking into a giant refrigerator!! :) I am sure the ones in finland are more impressive!

thanks babe.. :)
I dont think I am exotic but just for the fact that I am one of the very few asian sluts in town. therefore, its easy to stalk me cos I am all over the place! lol

the stalker is decent looking but too underaged for my liking, I need a real man!!! badly!

Kevin: thanksss, but you;'re having a blast too! :)

Steph: noooooo you can't do that to me!!!! I will spill the beans on YOUR men on my blog!!! muahahaah.....

btw, wanna stalk il divo together???????

Simple American said...

I love it when you camwhore. And view form your window is so nice. Hope things are going well.