Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Italian for Slackers

Crooning on my STEREO: Girl From Mars by ASH

I tend to forget that I am on a study scholarship. The first time I conveniently missed class was when I lost my timetable. The second time, I was too smashed. And the third.... well, I decided to board the next train to Florence with my drink bud Jen just to go on a pub crawl. The day after, I went to Roma for the third time.

It's been three weeks since I set foot onto grand ol' Italia. Despite all that skyving and napping in class, I'd like to share with you the product of my sponsored education.

Handy Italian Phrases

1. CIAO!
Means both HELLO and GOODBYE. Probably my most overused greeting to please the builders on the scaffoldings facing my window.

If this word doesn't ring a bell, then you're seriously dumb. Pronounce it as 'Gra- Zia' to show that you're in tune with the local dialect.

3. DOVE E ..... ?
Translates into 'Where is..... '. To date I've used this more than 150 times, so much that I have perfected it to sound like a local. Truth is, everyone is bound to get lost somewhere in Italy.

Foreign students in Italy ADORE asking this countless times in one day. It just means ,'How Art Thou?'. To shut them up, just reply as per below:

Means 'I am shit.' Not exactly friendly, but they should get the drift.

The best phrase to rid ugly old men picking you up in a local bar. Chances are, they will try to speak to you in basic Italian or half-boiled English. Whatever it is, just keep saying 'I don't know.' Works everytime, I tell ya.

Another failproof sentence to ward off ugly schoolboys trying to take you home from a club. Say the sentence above (means 'I have a boyfriend/girlfriend') and point to the nearest bloke or chick. Becareful that you dont point to the asker's friend.

The shopper's favourite question ,'How much is this?'. For security reasons I tend to ask this twice to make sure that the pricetag doesn't differ from what the shopkeeper charges. I can confirm that the Italians are brilliant mathematicians.

Self Explanatory. I love kebab. Have always loved them more than my handbags.

This was the first useful words Beckham learnt in Spanish: 'Hijo De Puta.'

10 useful phrases to begin with. Meanwhile, I will go back into some sort of chocolate partying which only Perugia is famous for...

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Deepavali, my friends!!!!!


Mirebella said...

*busy taking notes* ...thank you, thank you!

Kunstemæcker said...

io no parlo italiano.

car@ said...

Bravo!! tutti a posti!!! va benne!!! :-) lol

Yng Lyn said...

mirebella: hahah no probssss ;) just dont learn the wrong ones honey!!

kracker: anchio no parlo italiano bene

cara: hahaah grazie bella!!!! abrassismo!!!!!! :D

vincent said...

This street peddler in Rome scolded me before 'bamfanculo' or something like that.

Haha, that bastard!

mistipurple said...

i would like to eat the chocolate off your face.

Simple American said...

So who ate the chocolate off your face mui?

They did a good job.

Yng Lyn said...

vincent: he just told you to fuck off!!! bloody romans!!!

misti: there were non on my face... hahah

kor kor: nopeee.. the chocolate did not land on me. woo hoooo...!!!!

danyanova said...

Cazzo would be perpetually on my lips in Italy.

I love the word.

Especially when you are an exotic Asian woman raoming the streets of the unknown in that gorgeous country.

The word does wonders, me fink ;)

sic6sense said...

i trust your sponsor doesnt read the blog.

paid hoilday! :D

lilyliverbird said...

I've always known 'putana' :D

So, any of the local lads you fancy yet??

Mirebella said...

Hope that Russian stalker doesnt hamper your "style" bambina :-)

stephanie said...

oi sluttttttt..no wonder i havent seen u around lately :p hehehe glad ure having a blast!! I miss you heapsss *SOB* (p.s. no blog updates yet till i find something JUICY to rant about *winks*) xoxo

Yng Lyn said...

danyanova: CAZZO!!!! clever lady :) it didn't work on me though... hahah :)
Welcome to the blog! :)

sic6ense: nope.. i hope they don't.... ermm.....

lily: the good local ones are all taken. thus i am losing my faith in men....

mirebella: hahah i hope not dear~ although living in fear does do wonders!

stef: sai yan tau!! where have ya been?? in melb already??? sighhhhhh.... please tell me some good news when you're back k?? miss yaaa hugssssss

syat said...

I for one, can attest the usefulness of the ten phrases as thought by teacher Lyn in my recent trip to Roma. hhahahah. *hugssss*

Yng Lyn said...

slut: you boh sia lahhhh.....

all the roman men LURVEEEE you... i hate yaaaa!!

but i miss yaaaaaaa... hugssss!!!!!