Friday, October 06, 2006

Cosi Cosi

Crooning on my STEREO:
Diras Que Estoy Loco by MIGUEL ANGEL MUNOZ

Of Course,

I wished I had maintained a journal like this during my Andalucian stint last year. Blame it on laziness. All I wanted to do was drink, sleep and lie on the beach. Well I did just that. No wonder I had nothing to write.

Back then I probably found it arduous to translate fun and all its glory into words. Then again, I was lazy. And being lazy was fun.

Fast forward to a year later, I found myself in a medieval Umbrian village. I told myself, and I keep telling myself in the likes of St. Francis; YOU NEED THESE THREE MONTHS TO DO SOME DEEP THINKING

And that means, in all that solitude, I should not be lazy. I gotta keep that fat lardy brain active.

Okay, back to the Italian adventure.

Just when I was about to hit depression due to the lack of alcohol since my arrival, a kind local friend chaperoned me to one that is deemed as the biggest danceclub in town. And it came with a strangely familliar name of VELVET.

Yes, VELVET. The name is that is so synonymous to HOME.

But nope. To my anticipated despair our Perugian Velvet pales shamefully in comparison to my beloved M'sian Velvet.

Think: topless gay men pretending to be straight. Oh, come on.

Even worse when you're groped by the un-straighter specie. Oh hold on, they don't grope you, they want you to grope them! that's fucked.

Either the crowd was bizarre or I looked like a butch. Nope. No unflattering pictures from that night.

The very next day, I pulled the tourist mission of exploring the Old Town Center. After wandering through loops and dark morbid corners, I found myself 475meters above sea level.


And to prove that I was there, I had to do the whole cam whore thing. Such is the price of travelling solo:

I could ramble on about the old town center but I have three months to do just that. As I will be catching a train to Assisi in an hours time, I think I should really make a move. Where the hell is the bus stop? Which bus to take to the station? Is it going to rain?

Again. I do not have a map with me. ...

I will leave you with a picture of Moscow for the time being. Yup, I was there last month for 3 weeks and I did not blog about it.

Tetris, anyone?


Anonymous said...

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Mirebella said...

looking good those snaps and the stories of your escapades are my aspiration to get up and do things as well! Been rather slack (and been skint :p)over the past coupla months so am looking fwd to the yr-end where I can step onto the plane yet again..whoohoo!

Your my sei-fu ;-)

Anonymous said...

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stephanie said...

VELVET?!! Bwahahaha i see you're more fated with that place than i ammm *SOB* Maybe its time i learn to accept the fact? You wishhhhhh hehe LOL Ok woman do some deep thinking and get back to me on how to you-know-what with the you-know-who :p tralalala

Anonymous said...

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Miss Fern said...

That Velvet there sounds like a gay joint...

It's really gorgeous la. Get drunk on the view - you want to be like the saint of Assisi right??

Yng Lyn said...

mirebella: thanks babee... i know you will definitely travel far and wide sometime this year.. so you better keep us posted! :D As for me, I will be skint by new year!!

stef: hahhha i will get back to you about 'you know who' and 'you know what'..... damn. i haven't shot the e-mail out yet. busy lahh.... somemore being stalked. :(

miss fern: yesssss the Saint of assisi!!!!! The view is amazing, you would have loved it. ohh my camera broke and I am devastated..... gotta try to fix it to feed you with lots of pictures!! miss ya!!

Simple American said...

You should be listening to Bad Company's "Rambling On", cuz that is what you seem to do best.

Glad you are spreading your wings and sharing your adventures.

Take care AhMui.

Yng Lyn said...

kor: rambling is a talent!!! :)

car@ said...

In Spain YOU señorita were partying NON STOP! :-p

Yng Lyn said...

cara: yeeaaapppp I was!! I had so much FUN!! :D