Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Crooning on my STEREO:
Over the Rainbow by IL DIVO

THAT'S IT. I am addicted to IL DIVO like a drug.

Beats marijuana anytime.

90 hours have passed and I still have them on Loop.


If you are sick of my I-love-Sebastien blabber, do check this awesome blog Brighter Death for a breath of fresh, rejuvenating air.

I am off to HONG KONG next week. After that I will post the long awaited encore SPANISH CHRONICLES before I retire from the blogosphere in 2006.

"Someday I wish upon a star and wake up where clouds are far behind me....'


Caracola said...

awwww u are going to HONG KONG?? so lucky!! and i will check that blog out and....i am the first on cue awaiting for ur spanish cronicles...and nooo don't quit blogging!! what would i do w/o u?? love Lyn!!!

mistyeiz said...

going to HK?? lemme guess - disneyland HK?? =P have fun gurl...

retire from blogging??? why??? :(

Simple American said...



sic6sense said...

HK is wonderful.Wrote about HK and places to go somewhere in my blog. iDragon is a place to party!

Carrie said...

you are retiring in 2006?! shite! that sucks! but i understand....it's such a pain in the ass but lovin it.

can't wait for the chronicles and have fun in Hong Kong! :)

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for those cronicles,
lyn reitiring,nooooooo.
if anyone else who agrees with me,
I'm going to create a website so we can get the word out.



socialpest said...

WHY ARE YOU RETIRING???!!!! YOU CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reubster said...

don't quit noobT_T

Kunstemæcker said...

You've been to the UK, Las Vegas, Greece, France, Spain, Belgium, China, Malaysia (ok granted, you live there) and now Hong Kong

and you still say you don't travel a lot. Most people don't travel that much in their entire lives!

I'm so envious.

Yng Lyn said...

hey all! thanks for your well wishes... :) i will still stick in an entry here and there but pretty much less frequent (although its not quite frequent at the moment anyway...hah~)
you guys are the best.. loadsa love!

mistipurple said...

nnnooooooooo, everyone's quitting blogging.. noooooo lyn..

Anonymous said...

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