Saturday, November 12, 2005

The CHINESE Chronicles

Summer Palace, Beijing, China.
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Crooning on my STEREO: Saturday Night by BON JOVI

Ni Hao Ma??? My Mandarin SUCKS. Therefore I was useless when I was in China. It is such a shame when I stepped foot on my ancestral land for the first time.. and knew NOTHING of the language. MANDARIN IS A BEAUTIFUL LANGUAGE. I only speak Cantonese; the slightly less graceful dialect of the Chinese language (Think English versus Gaelic) which isn't exactly useful in BEIJING.


Yeah you could tell I was pretty KNACKERED.Such a frigging long hike up and down 60degree slopes. We visited a part of the bridge that isn't massively popular, so we literally had the entire bridge to ourselves. This is the view from one of the highest points....
Quite a crap photograph but the view is definitely worth the climb. I forgot to tell you that IT WAS FRIGGING COLD!!!!!!.

The Great Wall is definitely my favourite Beijing haunt....YOU MUST VISIT THIS ANCIENT WONDER AT SOME POINT OF YOUR LIFE. Shoot yourself if you fail to agree with me.

Temples are EVERYWHERE. I am not going to start naming each and everyone of them because chances are you'll forget their names anyway. The lovely photo on the right is the LAMA TEMPLE. Yep, it is TIBETAN. Lots of Buddha statues, monks, joss sticks and TOURISTS.

Tourists are O-K-A-Y. It is worse when they bring their imbecile kids along on holiday.

Then I encountered a TIBETAN GOOD-LUCK WHEEL. As you can see, I was desperately spinning it for dear life. Not that I am horribly downtrodden at present... it is part of human nature to be GREEDY.


I don't get it. People RAVE so much about it. I know it is a fancy palace. Larger than Versailles. Larger than Shrewsbury. Like, WOW.
But it is OVERRRATED. Come on, when you've seen places such as THE TEMPLE OF HEAVEN and THE SUMMER PALACE , the Forbidden City falls straight off my list. Firstly, it is so BLOODY CROWDED. I propose that stupid kids should be banned from tourist spots. Not that 6 year olds possess ample brain cells to learn about Chinese history anyway. They should be left with the PANDAS in the BEIJING ZOO.

Secondly, THERE ARE ABOUT 5 THRONE ROOMS AND THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME. Stop kidding me. I didn't pay 45 yuan to watch throne room duplicates. Where did you hide your antiques? Or show me some decent relics that are restored. Everything, including the royal throne, looks like its been fished out of the well.

Thirdly, THERE ARE NO MAPS. Well there are no free ones anyway. In English. You tell the ticket counter that you are a TOURIST and they give you a map shrouded in Chinese characters. If you want an English map, you have to get it off some dodgy PIRATES for 3 yuan. If all fails, you will be forced to wander around a massive pueblo with a compass.
Nature is definitely China's most beautiful.


Caracola said...

hurry hurry sweet Lyn! i wanna read u before i go to work!! jejeje! ;-P
btw: U look lovely in the pic...just what u are! a lovely sweet gar!! *muaaaaaaackssssss*

vincent said...

Yeah kill the kids. Kids are evil. I hate the damn kids running everywhere and bumping into me.

Carrie said...

I AM COMPLETELY JEALOUS OF YOUR WONDERFUL LIFE! but i'm so glad you get to live it and share it! glad to see you back !!

Yng Lyn said...

Carol: hugsss babe!!! thankssssssss i managed to upload some pics and all :) muackssss and have a good time at work.. before you enjoy the weekend :D

Vincent: yeap... kids, hate em.
Kill 'em all!!
even the 'big' kids.

Mitzee: thankss mitzee... it took me a while but its good to be back!! hahah! my life will be blissful till january, thats when reality hits and I've got to find myself a decent job! :O

socialpest said...

NO! Next stop is Singapore in December 2005!! =/

mistipurple said...

hey super lyn, you're gonna do fine come january! you are too infectious not to do well. and tibet eh? have fun all your life lyn, you deserve life so much!

Kunstemæcker said...

oh god, how i'm jealous now

Yng Lyn said...

socialpest: singapore!!! yeapp definitely I wanna hunt you down girl!!!!! ;) I am actually jobhunting there for next year!! hugssss

mistipurple: thanks dearie.. you're a star :) and I'd love to meet someone as extraodinary as you!! :D

kracker: you cakap banyak bahasa melayu... wajik!!

Supermans Foot said...

looks awesome. I maybe heading that way soon. Fingers crossed

Yng Lyn said...

superman's foot: go for it!! but avoid the hooker's district... haha! ;)

Simple American said...

Man I want to visit the great wall. That would be so cool. Glad you are sharing the trip with us Ah Mui.

A job? What the hell you wanna do a crazy thing like that for? lol

We got work too girl now that you are through running all over creation.

Yng Lyn said...

kor kor: speaking of which I am still jobless.. :(
nooooooooooo!! hahaha

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