Thursday, November 24, 2005


Crooning on my STEREO: Passera by IL DIVO

Today I am going to defend my lust for IL DIVO.

1) When I am feeling aboslutely SORRY for myself. When I have a crap hair day. When I go for vocal training and I can't hit the high E note. When I fail a casting audition because I forgot a required costume. When some stupid juvenile kid down the street laughs at my chubby thighs....

Why IL DIVO helps...
THEY SHOW ME LOVE.. Well, not literally.
Listen to their first album and close your eyes. Visualise a group of 4 gorgeous Armani clad men serenading you with a blissful combination of tenor and baritone voices in European dialects.
Listen to track 5- Everytime I Look At You.

Sebastien (pic below) is GODSENT. I'd give away all my handbags just to have him SERENADE ME.

2) My favourite pair of kitten heels were wrecked beyond recognition by none other than PURE HORSE SHIT yesterday. I was so fucking pissed off. I STILL AM. It is as though I just chucked 49ringgit down the drain. (translate: 15 Euros down the gutter). That's a fucking hell lot of money to an unemployed fart like me.

Today I live PAINFULLY with the fact that I DO NOT have a pair of NEW SHOES to flaunt during Christmas and New Year. How miserable.

Why IL DIVO helps...
Simple. Blasting their divine voices on maximum volume makes me CRY in the state of ecstasy. And by CRYING you release tension. And then you get TIRED. And then you SLEEP. And forget about your HORSE SHIT MISFORTUNE.

Just for the time being.

3) Since graduating, I feel absolutely unemployed, skint and hopeless. Something to the lines of being a beggar. Under a roof.

Why IL DIVO helps...
THEY SHOW YOU LOVE. Again. Listen to 'A Mi Manera' which is the remake of Frank's I DID IT MY WAY. (Now don't take the piss, I know its not original material but at least they do sing it well....)

4) My casting agents are pissing me off. They are not getting me enough auditions.

Why IL DIVO helps...
All four dudes of the band had to go through Satan's auditions under the watchful eyes of SIMON COWELL. Now, go and tell me how much SHIT they have to go through to get a place in the band....... thats besides the point. It only takes ONE AUDITION to make a difference.
So patience is virtue.

5) This sucks. I thought I have grown out of my boyband fetish years. I think I am bored.

Why IL DIVO helps...
Falling in love with a certain gentleman who sings under the fancy category of vox populi proves that IL DIVO IS NOT A BOYBAND.Fancying a celebrity gives you something to do in your free time. Por ejemplo, staying up till four every night running a search on GOOGLE on whether he is married improves your analytical skills.

So I am not as useless as I think I am.

6) I did miss out on *ahem* a dude who resembles Sebastien from IL DIVO. I am kicking myself everyday because of that. I am such a COW.

Why IL DIVO helps...
Its okay. At least I can brag that I snogged a celebrity look-a-like.


Fuck, I can't.


yvy said...

yes, lyn...i read abt your 'cow-ness' - come i kick you too. ;) wat a WASTE lar woman....o well, just keep ur eyes peeled for him AGAIN ok? ;)

sic6sense said...

Interesting blog but I'm not too sure about IL Divo though. Was in Marbella and Granada 2 months back. Be glad your're there and not London at this time.

SUeeeeeeee said...

I cant believe I've missed out on months of gloriously bombarding your site with crazy comments. I shall now resume this madness :D

Il divo?? nah kru all the way. who can resist their sexy voices crooning 'fanatic fanatic fanatic fanati-ee-ee-ee-eee-eeeec. ' I swoon at the thought of them.

Muah i miss u. U'd better be home in a months time.

Kunstemæcker said...

you can be so profound sometimes.

This is not one of those times hahaha.

I'm gonna beat the Il Divo out of you when I come over. It's gonna be a massacre!!!! Hack 'n slash!

Simple American said...

It's easy for me to resist. I'm a guy.

Of course I still lust after the Bangles. Am I wrong? I know I'm hopelessly out of date.

Caracola said...

MY OH MY!! i CAN'T resist to someone like that...he is fucking HOT!
actually....* i don't mean to brag* Lyn...i had a boyfriend that looked alike him...well yeah he turned out to be an asshole anyway...but this pic made me think of him....aww my past lovers! muahahahaha!! ;-P

That post was really nice....I see LOVE is in the air babe! my mom is in love with IL DIVO guys! she has his cd's as well...jajaja!

Anonymous said...

Ok. Rmbr that talk we had last night, about me trying the CD out and hearing the music - and subsequently trying to picture them as four balding, fat, bearded men, and forget they look like a boyband? That little talk on me trying the CD out for the MUSIC?
The pictures (and actually, ALL their pictures) in this post does not help.


Yng Lyn said...

yvy: haihzzz.... do kick me!! i cant get over it... even with all the shopping....... hahaah

sic6sense: wow!! I was there too 2 months back! ;) I love Spain... but am no longer there anymore.... sigh! thank god I'm not in chilly london though!

sueeeeee: WELCOME BACK!!! babe... where have you been??/ I know you love KRU!!!! muahahahh *AWASSSSSSSS* I will be home for good.. you wont miss me when you come back!! ;) hugss

kracker: I bet you're having a field day!!!!!! I will make sure I play their album(s) in the car when I drive you around...... you shall loveeeeee them....

kor kor: the bangles were HOT!! hey I like them too. I wanna be just like them....
I am sure your wife will love IL DIVO... ;)

Caracolacolacola: He's soooooo HOTTT!! YOU LUCKY BABEEEEEEE hahahahaha.. but you're gorgeous so you deserve gorgeous men!!!! with nice personalities of course... ;) awww your mum loves them too? thats so coool!! I've been listening to them day and night.. on the Ipod, the car, the room etc.. heheh
hugssss babeeeeeeeeeee

Dann: its okay... let's just assume that the pics on this site was BACKSTREET BOYS by error.
they're NOT IL DIVO.
the real IL DIVO is a combination of PAVAROTTI and PLACIDO DOMINGO..... multiply by 4.

okay dann. go listen to the cd. ignore this post.


stephanie said...

i loveeeeeeee il divooooo toooooo...and resisit i cant! BUT i shant fight wif u over any future lovers coz i haf chad michael murray and cristiano ronaldo :p (you promised not to insult him for my sake) hehehehe

Yng Lyn said...

stef: CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY!!! hahahahah he has such an awful name!!! hahaah you can have him!! Chrisitno ronaldo is HIDEOUSSSSSSSS!!!! you silly girl!!!!!


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