Sunday, November 20, 2005

Stupid Kiss Test

Crooning on my STEREO: Tal Vez by FRAN PEREA

Your Kissing Purity Score: 57% Pure

For you, kissing isn't a casual thing

Lip to lip action makes your heart sing

Funny how men perceive me as a LEPER in Malaysia.


Seng Boon said...

thats ok cuz...i'll kiss you! :D

Simple American said...

Malasian men must be real prudes to not wanna kiss you. Their loss.

Simple American said...

I'm a 57% kisser too.

Caracola said...

HAYO!! stupid test Lyn! i took it and it said:

*You've hardly ever been kissed*----yeah right!!!! jajajaja!

But the kisses you've given are very missed-----ppppfffff! *rolling eyes*

Its fun to take test but it is even funnier the results!

Lyn...we have to talk! a girls talk... about YOU this time...or i will have to come to Malasyia and kick every boy's ASS!
I would kiss you too....if i was a boy LOL! jaja!

Kunstemæcker said...

We perceive you as a star in Europe.

eyeris said...

Malaysian men are (mostly) wusses lar. :) especially if they think you'rea leper. :P

mistipurple said...

i can't understand how they think if they perceive you as such. it's their loss lah.

Yng Lyn said...

cousin: how kind!! are you drunk or what???

kor kor: nah... malaysian men have extraodinarily high expectations!!! they're crazy!!!
hmm, we have the same score!!

Carol: babeeeee don't believe what the test says!! these tests dun tell the truth, but you're right.. its so funny!!!!!!! divertida!!!!
I miss having girl talks with you!!!!! its so fun... i still remember our drive to Tarifa and we're talking about men and all that... i miss those times babe!!
And i would kiss ya too if I was a boy!!!!!!

kracker: :) eres estrella tambien!!!

eyeris: but you're NOT a wuss! wish there were more men like you around!!

misti: yeahhh.. their loss....... ;)
ohhh I am coming to Singapore this weekend!!!! 90%!!!!! I wanna meet you!!!

Jess said...

I got 11% pure, what the hell does that mean?!?!

Caracola said...

Lyn...miss those times too and those talkings! remember what i have said to ya! Hope to catch ya soon and talk on YM! U are so adorable Lyn! ;-* love to ya.. much love from me! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kiss me, you leper.

eyeris said...

waaaah... kembang siot. and for that compliment, I hereby name you....

MISS JUNE! :) :) :)

Yng Lyn said...

Jess: don't believe what they say!!! it not trueeeeee...

Caracolacolacola: babeeeeeeeee/// miss you too!!!! yeahh I wanna speak to you on msn soon :) hope work is not getting too heavy dear :) HUGS!

Dann: you sound drunk. hahaha!

eyeris: you're TOO KIND!!
aku dah shy shy dahhhh........
nanti orang freak out Miss June bukan some hot chick....

anyway you made my day!! :D