Friday, November 18, 2005


Crooning on my STEREO: My Favourite Game by THE CARDIGANS

For those who do not know,
I float in between two worlds. A month ago I met Mr. Pink Hibiscus by the Andalusian beach....


I am such a cow. It is that time of the month.



It's okay. I've lost my celebrity status. I seriously need to sort my self esteem....


Damn everything. I am redundant.

Oh, I am bloated too.


Caracola said...

Mi niña!!!! odio cuando tenemos PMS! JAJA! espera un tiempo que pase y si todavía crees que quieres volver a Europa, ven a España!!!! ;-P
*huggsssss babesssss for this time ur are having sometimes up and sometimes down, yeah that's pms!*

Anonymous said...

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Yng Lyn said...

Carol querida hugsssss!!
claro que si!!... PMS es una cosa mas difficil para mi cada mes...mis sentidos son loco!!! a veces estoy feliz y otra veces estoy preocupado... no sei por que.... :(
pero tu comprendes y muchos abrazos para ti!! estare bien, gracias carina :) ahora voy a dormir y estare mas feliz por la manana :)
disfrutas el fin de la semana!! loadsa hugssss dear!!!

Caracola said...

@ Anonymous: NO THANKS!! no bubbles, no selling no buying ANYTHING to u!! muahahahaha!

Now Lyn: dear!! i just caught you too early, jaja! i know the feeling of being a cow, ROFLOL!! and YOU are and always be the cutest celebrety around LOL! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELF PRETTY LYN! never!!
sleep tight...dream with loads of little reyes or Ikers.....jajaja! ;-P
* hugssssssss and muackssssss*

Simple American said...

As long as you have those sexy lips, mui mui, you don't have to worry about being bloated. Trust me.

Now I just have to be a good kor kor and intimidate the object those are pointed at. haha

socialpest said...

I hate PMS too! They're the single most horrible little piece of shites ever to be created. Well, it will soon pass! In the meantime, keep smiling your beeyooteefool smile! :D

Kunstemæcker said...

Let me tell you: all men hate PMS too.

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Yng Lyn said...

Carol: thanksss dear... I need the encouragement :) you're the best!! hugsssssss!!! I am so glad you understand .... people just keep calling me ugly in malaysia.. sigh.
hugssss..thanks sunshine :)

kor kor: thankss kor.... sorry my connection was lagging this afternoon when i was speaking to you... anyway, take care kor and thanks for everything :)

socialpest: babe!! we're cursed with this monthly trauma!!! but we'll be fine... you'll be fine too! Arsenal is playing tonight ;)

kracker: I know... i know... I know....

Raymond: No more roulette!!!!! GO AWAY!!!

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Caracola said...

Raymond: go bother your aunt! JEEEE!!
Lyn...ERASE HIM...NOW!! ;-p