Sunday, January 01, 2006

HOLA 2006!!!!!!!!

Crooning on my STEREO: Punto y Aparte by FRAN PEREA

KNOCK... KNOCK... HELLO???!?!?

Something tells me that 2006 will be MY YEAR. On the last day of 2005, I received a UCL letter with my long awaited MA results. Kiss my butt... I've got a DISTINCTION. The day before, I was offered an event management job on probation with an advertising agency. This country obviously doesn't want me to grace their screens.


Most importantly, I am having a BLAST. Look at some of the people I spent the 2006 countdown with

Jane and Kracker. All that screaming in the car, god forsaken heat and manic crowd paid off. I miss Jane. And I WILL miss Kracker.

I've been trying so hard to refrain from turning this into some dumbass PHOTOBLOG. But I can't help but to include the first (half) conscious picture I took on the first hour of 2006

He was our private escort. And I wont tell you his name.

One more thing, the JD Sport clad boy in the photograph below serenaded us for 20minutes. Apparently he is famous. Erm, WHO????


There are some kickass action going on The Spanish Chronicles


car@ said...

LYN!!!!!! KRACKER!!!!!! JANE!!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY NEW 2006 TO ALL!!!!! wish i could have been there having a blast with the hottest bloggers in town!

So happy u had a blast! it seems unreal to live all of that are so lucky! me i had to work at 7.00am!

BTW: Who is HIM? your private bodyguard? he is cute lah!!! jeje!

muackssssssssss and viva Fran Perea! ;-P

Anonymous said...


Many thanks! I now have your Malaysian number! I now can stalk you! muahahahahaha


Simple American said...

Wow what a way to start the year. Keep on having fun mui. You taking the job btw?

yvy said...

OMG CHICA!!! happening or wat!!!! :D aiyoooo.....i wished i was there!!! :(((

yvy said...

wait a min..i'm confused...UCL??? MA??? go work where???? what have u been doing all this while??? *blur liow*

oceanskies79 said...

Cheers to a good year for you. It looks like there'll be more good things on the way.

I don't know who the JD sport clad boy is.....sorry.

Have a good time.

socialpest said...

Sounds like 2006 will be a good year for you! :) Hope it will be. It has certainly started well hasn't it? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


(still wished you were here! ROARR!)

mistipurple said...

congratulations on your exam! you're a pretty girl with good brains to top! the best combination ever! have a great life, which you will! i wish you everything you desire in 2006!

eyeris said...

and happy new year to you too! :D loks like you had a blast. :D

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Happy New Year Lyn!

Simple American said...

I forgot to ask. When do I stop kissing your butt? Almost out of breath.

saRah said...

whoa~you're looking goooood. happy 2006.


Yng Lyn said...

hello all!! thanks so much for your well wishes!!! hugsssssssssss
may 2006 work well for you!! :)

cyber-red said...

the dude looks like Malaysian idol's Daniel... i could be wrong bleh..

Yng Lyn said...

cyber-red: serious?? phwoarrr./.... but i remember that guy sounded like he's from Hong Kong or something.. saw these girls screaming after him hahah......