Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Year End SPECIAL!!!

Crooning on my STEREO: Jackie by BOSSA NOSTRA

This is my final blog entry for 2005; a year that has gone by wistfully and blissfully. Nothing particularly crap happened this year, and even there were, all I can say is WHATEVER.

Life should go smoothly into 2006.

warning: I am gonna be dreadfully long winded with this entry

I used to think that I look cool when I am incredibly drunk.
Actually I look kinda stupid. Like a steamed rabbit. Thus are my memories of SPAIN. I miss the days when we partied hardcore till 6am, stumbled around the city square picking up Gael Garcia Bernal lookalikes (fine, there was only ONE), singing/screaming out David Bisbal's 'OYE EL BOOM BOOM BOOM' in horrendous Spanish before returning back to the hostel at 8am half pissed in time for morning classes.

The great news is that (after procrastinating for 2 months) I've finally launched the THE SPANISH CHRONICLES.

If there's one thing I miss most about SPAIN, it has to be CARACOLACOLA.
Did I mention that I was bawling like a migraine baby in her room an hour before I had to take the bus from Estepona? Well, I almost didn't want to leave.... She was such a DARLING.
And I love her family too, they were such amazing people... I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!

I thought I'd dedicate a picture to Shirl, a very lovely friend of mine from Brunei who has stood by me through thick and thin. It only hit me recently that those immense pigging out and shopping spree days are over.... and to digest the fact that we're no longer students. DAMN. If there is one girl who can binge 5 meals a day with me... it only has to be her!!
Somehow I hold the faith that our friendship will always remain strong. I think she is one in a million.

Due to the lack of men's interest in me, I have progressively grown madly in LOVE with SEBASTIEN I-ZAM-BARD. Seriously, I think he is so frigging H.O.T.

So H.O.T that it kills me. I used to think that Ronan Keating (okay, hush.. hush..) was VENOMOUS but, boy, SEBASTIEN IS LETHAL. He's 33. I'm 23.
Russell Watson sucks. IL DIVO ROCKS.

Johhny the Landan was a hooligan. Nah, he just taught me cockney. AND conveniently slammed the door onto my face before he learnt of my existence. Okay, I guess we have something in common.
I owe my favourite Landan a belated Xmas present. In actual fact, it WILL be his BIRTHDAY. And for once in my dyslexic paralysis.... I haven't forgotten.
And I will support Charlton's defeat.... MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA

oh, how I love MATT HOLLAND... ;)

I know you all have been waiting for this....
Since the well-loved Kracker has hit the SouthEast Asian shores, I'll let him have some of the limelight. Damn, he looks a hell lot more attractive than me in this photo... IT CANT BE TRUE!!!!!
Good thing is, he is beginning to LOVE IL DIVO. Bad thing is, I find it so frigging difficult to get him DRUNK. I am convinced that this gentleman's digestive system is made out of STEEL.

And this is my cousin Sarah. Well, it is obviously the gorgeous girl on the right. WE WERE AT HAAGEN DAZ'S LEICESTER SQUARE!!!! This cafe is rather nostalgic.. simply due to our constant haunt over a certain Brazillian waiter who, by now, is having nightmares of my hideous face. I miss those times when we used to stalk men and make extremely random remarks over our Spain vs Germany debates.
Distance has kept us apart and we haven't been in as much contact as we used to... but bless her. She loves WESTLIFE. Only goodness knows why!!! :) Come home soon, Sarah :)

To all my blog readers,

It will be a new beginning.....

Note: Lyn's soppy sentimentality is RARE. Indulge in this cheesy post as much as you like before she posts another of this weepy sort in a loooonnngg time....


car@ said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE this means the end of you bloggin....sniff sniff sniff...

Such a soulhearted post dear! I wish you lodas of happiness in the future, nice friends, good job, always be YOU!
Meeting you has been Awesomerad and you are in our hearts! I still remember that day in my room....i wish time could freeze for 1 week and spend MORE time together, but we have thank life and god the possiblity that gaves us to meet each other!
I will come and visit you to your country....and then we will remember those good memories we both shared...

I love you MY SEÑORITA LYN, always and forever and we'll keep in touch lah!

Wishing you all the happiness for the rest of your life. Many years of joy! *besos, besos Y MAS BESOOOOOS*

Simple American said...

No CC she said final post for 2005. We don't have to suffer too long.

Big hug from kor-kor who cannot find anything of value in his damn office. May just go back to square one on my story and build up from there.

Happy New Year Mui. Love you so much.

mistipurple said...

cool babe! i wish you all the best for 2006! i know you're gonna make it good and have a great life!

vincent said...

wishing you a damn awesome new year Lyn!

yvy said...

yea, CC dun worry....it's only for 2005, RIGHT lyn?? RIGHT? *dun pulak give ME a fright ok???*

wow, looks like u, kracker n gang had LOADS of fun!!! kracker looks high DESPITE the steel stomach! LOL

comel nyer...biru nyer mata dier!!! :D

socialpest said...

Lyn dearest, I so wished you could have come too. I would have loved to meet you. And so would the rest. I hope 2006 brings you more cheer as well. :)

I'm glad the Spanish Chronicles are out! You are so lucky to have met Caracola!! And Kracker is truly wonderful.

2005 was special because I met youuuuu!! :) muah!

crazycat said...

dear lyn

lucky u , u get to meet so many people (but Kracker is still the luckiest by far, me thinks)... and for the record, i think u look far more GORGEOUS then Kracker(but he's cute!)... i think u are one cool sexy babe.. and if i am gay, i might just go for u... and of cos, i wont spare caracola..

*oops* was that me talking?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lyn,

Awww Lyn..you are such a darling to have said that about me and our friendship. makes me wanna cry...*sniff sniff.. I want to say this again: You still hold such a special place in my heart. I do miss you so much, lyn, and all the wonderful times we spent together. I always wish that you were in Brunei, or that I was in KL with you, painting the town red! Thank you so much for everything, lyn. I know that I can never express my thanks enough. I know that being with you in an enclosed space, I do not have to worry about what to say, what to do. We can leave each other alone , just doing our own business. And we do not have to worry if something is wrong or not. Because it feels PERFECTLY fine to us. As such, I am determined not to let our friendship be washed out into the sea! You can be well-assured that a visit to KL again is in my list of priorities for the year 2006!

I hope 2006 is another great, if not another greater year ahead for u!! may you achieve your life-long dream!!

many big hugs,

oceanskies79 said...

Happy New Year.

car@ said...

Crazy kat! you are such a kat crazy!!! lol!!! ;-P

Lyn! feliz 2006 cariño!!!! te quiero!!!!! ;-*

Yng Lyn said...


Yng Lyn said...

Carol darling!! muacksssss HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!!! i don't think i will quite blogging... i love it too much! and this years been great cos I met two wonderful bloggers such as you and kracker... you both are such darlings with good hearts!! :) I miss you so much as well as Spain... i will be back soon!!! :) will keep in touch lah... have a wonderful celebration and LOVE YA!!!!!!! BESOSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Kor kor:here's a big hug to you too!! you've been a wonderfiul friend and confidante.. after speaking to you I do feel a new surge of life. god bless you and your family :)

misit: the same goes to you! a wonderful lady with a pure heart deserves the very best life can offer :)

vincent: wishing you a wicked new year too!!!!!! can't wait to watch football tiap tiap hari!!

yvy: datang ke KL lahhhh... kracker memang comel lahhh.. semua gadis gadis pun mati apabila nampak dia.. hahahaah
happy new year darling :)

socialpest: i hear so much of goood things about you from krackerr... i really wanna meet you soon!!!! Viva arsenal darlinggggg..
wishing you a fantastic 2006 and keep that positive energy moving!!! you're infectious lah... ;)

crazycat: if i am man i will also go for you lahhh.. so pretty!!!! hahaah was afraid that kracker wont leave singapore because of you!! LOL
such a dearie... happy 2006!!!!! muackssssss

shirlll: I have been missing you so much lately!!!!! everytime i have a big meal i'd always think about those fantastic times we had just chilling and eating out!! its true that I feel very comfortable with you as a friend, i dont have to be afraid nor to put up a front cos we both know each other so, so well.... and its also funny how we also share similar ideologies!! shirl... i'd love to go back to those happy times at uni, and I know we have such a strong friendship that even if we dont see other for a long time.. we'd always, ALWAYS have something to talk about and have so much fun!! i believe that what makes a REAL friendship :) I wanna come and see you in Brunei next year!!! :D love ya shirl :)

Oceanskies: happy new year too babe!! :) many happy returns for 2006... :) hugsssssssss

crazycat said...

yng lyn: please la... i this type, he wont like la... hehe..

sic6sense said...

lovely pics, you always seemed to be in a perpetual state of intoxication. Natural high, I bet!

Anonymous said...

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