Friday, January 06, 2006


Crooning on my STEREO: Do You Want To by FRANZ FERDINAND

First he crashed at my studio in London. Then I took the Eurostar and harassed him in Belgium.

And two months later he found his way to a godforsaken place called Malaysia. Much to my greatest dismay.

I don't usually dedicate an entire post to an individual.

Today I am out of my mind. I have just sent off a friend whom I've been bugging cada dia cada noche for the past two weeks. I am a lame creature of habit. I tend to get rather attached to people if I see them, like, EVERYDAY.


I will tell you why.

He downs CURRY LAKSA like there's no tommorrow. He bloody hell uses CHOPSTICKS better than (disgraceful) me. He sings FRANZ FERDINAND louder than me. He drinks PINTS like a fish and manages to stay considerably SANE. Every goddamn 'ah lian' on the streets tries to pick him up as though he's some sort of DEMI-GOD. (Fine, I am jealous!) He gets away with saying shits like 'SAYA SAKIT JIWA' to random strangers who will just casually pass him off as 'COOL'.

Life's unfair. If I am to say the same thing, I'd get BASHED.

Maybe it is those blue eyes. Those who have met him in flesh and blood would agree. That OPEN attitude? Perhaps. Or his passionate opinions? ME GUSTA. His CHARM? I suppress my thoughts on that.

Perhaps they say that friendship comes in distorted forms. I have acquired a great degree of knowledge from a man who is rightfully loved by many. His bickerings with 150MurderousPassions is a testimonial of a hardy willful character.... with the ocasional show of a softer side. By that, I am beginning to believe that he is human. A mere mortal who has changed something in me in a way that he'd never imagine.

Though I may listen in silence, I learn.

This sentimental cry is beginning to sound like an orbituary... but hell, NO.

I took this photograph before I kicked his butt back onto the Parisian flight. Despite all that 'I hate you' exterior, I'd rather admit that I do perceive the whole situation as quite the opposite. In other words, I see him off with a broken heart.


Life goes on. Time to return those 100 missed calls on my mobile.


Simple American said...

Ooh Ikea!

Good. I'm missing Kracker's posts. If he stayed there any longer I was going to have to watch reruns of Taxi the TV series, not the lame movie.

Though seriously, I'm glad y'all had such a good time. It was neat the way he brought so many bloggers together. Hope he got to meet some of the other Malasian bloggers.

Take care mui. Have a great flight Kracker.

car@ said...

LYN!!!!! that was so sweet of you and i am sure Kracker will remember this trip for SO MANY THINGS! but most important because of you! and yeah SA, he brought so many bloggers together...isn't that beautiful? All of those who are lucky to know Kracker in flesh and bones we agree with you that he is unique! that's why he is one of my best friends matter anything he will always be.

So glad you guys spend time together...and who knows! maybe destiny will bring you so close again soon!!
BESITOS MI AMOR, NO ESTÉS TRISTE! eres una persona encantadora Lyn!!! Aquí te recordamos y te queremos! ;-*

sarah said...

heya. i see franz ferdinand 'do you want to'. i love that song!

Jane said...

Ahh..... Hugs for Lyn... :-)
Many Many hugs for Lyn... :-)
And I'm going to see Franz Ferdinand Live in Bangkok next month!!!!!! Yeah!!!!

mistipurple said...

hey lyn! soooo happy for you! i hope you will get to meet kracker soon again! (and i am sure you will!!)
glad you had a kick ass time with the curry drinking monster! lol!

oceanskies79 said...

Ya, he'll be missed. I must say he seems very talented in the use of chopsticks.

Thanks for visiting me at my site and for your kind words.

Car@: would you like to come to this part of the world as well? Let me know, ok?

Carrie said...

YOU AND KRACKER should get married! I swear, you're just tooooooo cute together...and the love, i feel the love...within the I HATE YOU YOU SUCK there is so much love! lmao....such cuties! love the pics.!

Brighter Death said...

the world has become a little different today

crazycat said...

i hate it when men make women emotional...

cheer up babe! all is not lost..

lilyliverbird said...

Hey Lyn,

Are you the same Lyn as Mrs Mourinho? You are one hot chica!!


Kunstemæcker said...

Who da hell is miss morinho?

oh, and Lyn, you suck too!

(I bet you thought I was going to get all sentimental too right? No! I'm to choked up on my emotions to be sentimental. Errm...)

car@ said...

Cara agrees with Mitzz!!! they do look so cute!!! i have told them before!! ;-)

Lyn babes, thanks for your text. You are so schweet. But me sick today, stomach descomposition...i guess i have eating so much those holidays...sniff sniff.
Hugs, abrazos, besos y más besos mi niña bonita!

car@ said...

@ Ocean: it is very nice of you Py!! Actually, i am planning a trip to Asia in October, will let you know! I would love to meet you all!!
But it all depends on my job and see if i can get 3 weeks off. *prayers*

Anonymous said...

hi lyn;
I'm very happy to know that your friend came to visit you , and yes you guys do look good together :)
keep having fun in malaysia

you want to know where i was in new years, check out this site:
muchos abrazos y cariños
Pedro G

Yng Lyn said...

hugs to all!!!!!

Seez said...

I miss Kracker. So will my unborn child. Guys like those are rarities.

Dude, if you're reading this...I miss you. Come back soon yeah?

Yng Lyn said...

hhah Seez i am still wondering.. how did THAT unborn child come about???