Monday, January 30, 2006


Crooning on my STEREO: I Believe In A Thing Called Love by THE DARKNESS

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It is Chinese New Year and tis the season to be jolly- IN THE POCKET. I've got a week off from pimpin' and I am slacking about getting all fat etc.

One thing I have been thinking alot lately is how long it takes one to realise shits about him/herself.

By this I mean:

It took me 2 months to admit that I am SAD. Lusting over poster boys (ie. IL DIVO) is threatening my social skills.

It took me 1 year to REALISE that my blog template looks completely SCREWED UP on some computers. And I cant seem to do anything about it. (Blame this on macintosh)

It took me 2 years to see the light: JOSE REYES WILL NEVER BE THIERRY HENRY'S SUCCESSOR. See? I am such a goddamned cow.

It took me 3 years and two albums to open my ears to a single fact: DAVID BUSTAMANTE CANNOT SING. He just can't, okay?

It took me 4 years to face the truth that I can sing as well as WILLIAM HUNG. Fuck, if only someone could have told me EARLIER.

It took me 5 years to acknowledge a simple truth about myself: I LACK PATIENCE with nitty gritty issues. Contrary to what people think.

It took me 10 years to SEE that my legs are replicas of TREE TRUNKS in short skirts. Okay I get the drift: This explains why men do not want to be seen around me.

The list goes on. The moral of the story is simple. YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE.


Pah, kidding. Woof Woof.


cyber-red said...

wahlau you damn free to ponder kah?

i thought i was worst LOL..

you're beautilicious.. 'nuff said

happy cny!!

Brighter Death said...

Some of the realisations are true (NOT all) and for those which are true, it is better late than never. Happy Chinese New Year (again)!

mistipurple said...

*looks at my own tree trunks...
*waaaaaaaaahhhh..... runs away on a pair of tree trunks!!!!!

Simple American said...

Well lusting over poster boys, when you could worship your Ah Kor instead is shameful. I forgive you Ah Mui. Hug.

I'll call my sister-in-law that works for Apple and tell her that we need to recall your model. Give me details.

I don't talk soccer. I look dumb enough already. (hehe I said soccer tee hee)

What did he bust? That David fellow.

I never heard you sing. I just want to dance as good William Hung. I guess this binds us in our dreams. We're just Hung together. *rolls eyes*

Patience! Well you won't need that in your current position. In fact a whip would be much better than understanding.

Men don't want to be seen with you because they are stupid men. K? I've liked the rares pics of your legs.

You're damn right. You are what you are. Thats what I love about you Ah Mui. Hugz * 1,000. Don't ever change.


BTW are you a doggie too. I saw you bark there. You know I'm doggie right? Woof Woof whatever you are. ;)

This blog is now returned to other commenters and lurkers.

Goldilocks said...

Happy lunar new year.

car@ said...

My pretty Lyn is even prettier as each day passes by!!!

lol i laughed reading happy YOU FINALLY realised that DAVID Busta cannot sing! that needs a toast!!! he is not a superman! lol ;-p!!

Happy new year to you and your family and all the best mon chère!

yvy said...

oie!!! if you got tree trunks, i darent think what the heck i have!! BAWLS!!!

*runs away wit misti*

yvy said...

forgot to add...

we are what i call VOLUPTUOUS. be VERY proud!!! ;)

Jane said...

Just came by to took me only 5 seconds to fall in love with my my dear Lyn!

Kunstemæcker said...

Not a lot of people CAN sing. Your legs are not tree trunks and I was perfectly happy to be see with such a beauty (with a smashing personality) in Malaysia.

Come live with me :)


Kunstemæcker said...

Thanks Goldilocks for introducing yourself on my blog. Nice to meet you!

ps: lyn hope you don't mind that I'm taking up your space for this, Goldilocks was kind enough to point that out to me.

Yng Lyn said...

cyber-red: nah.. you're gorgeous one!!!! going to Paul Van Dyk tommorrow night?

brighterdeath: ooo happy chinese new year..... PROSPERITY PROSPERITY PROSPERITY!!!!!!!

misti: nahhh what tree trunks???? ;)

kor kor: i have a 1st Gen Ibook G4 which is dumb.. i'd love to upgrade to a 14inch powerbook.. ahahaha
woof woof to kor kor.. you are always so kind!!!! big hug!

goldilocks: happy lunar new year to you too! :)

cara: guapaaaaa!!! thanks babe i hope your aunt is better and you're in my prayers!! :)
yeahh David Busta is such an awful singer.. I got a pirated version of his latest album in Malaga and it was so, so BAD!!!! David BISBAL es mas mejor!!!!
big hug to you and your familyyy!!!! :)

yvy: yesssss.. we are gorgeous!!!! what tree trunk?? where?? hahahaah
and you sexy ladyyyyyy let's take over the world of skinny chopsticks!!!!!

Jane: it took me only 2 secs to fall in love with my sweet janeeee!! and I may be coming to Bangkok for a business trip!!! :)

kracker: serious? i can move into your new belgium home???

crazycat said...

dear babe

u look great and i do not think ur legs are trucks..

:) happy chinese new year!

Jane said...

You're coming to Bangkok!!!!! Hooray!!!
Let's go eat good food!!!!!!!

lilyliverbird said...

Wei...leng loi...what's this tree trunk and men don't want to be seen with you? I tell ya, Malaysian men are delusional as well as blind (must be all those sessions where they train their left hand with a bottle of lotion) if they don't want to be seen with hot chicas like us. We are major babes!

Jess said...

tree trunks, ha! better than having bird legs.
happy new year lady

Yng Lyn said...

crazycat: thanks babe..... happy CNY to you too :)

lily: i sooo agree with you!!! men in this country are just, weird. well most of them anyway........

jess: happy new year to you too!!! where have you been??? :)

Goldilocks said...

what's your experience of studying in London like?

Yng Lyn said...

hi goldilocks! london is amazing; the culture, the people etc... apart from the weather which comprises 0f 299days of gloom every year. And its pretty expensive too.. but i had to make do with a part time job that pays me peanuts!
But i miss London. In fact, I miss europe on the whole... I will have to make it a point to holiday there every year to save my sanity!

Goldilocks said...

Hi Yng Lyn,

it's understandable to want to return.

think jobs pay peanuts here in general.

Birm is a lot less happening but the gloom (weather) is still there.

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