Monday, September 26, 2005



okay. I have written a whole load of lovaly things but this damned public computer has masterfully deleted it from me. How's marvellous!

Anyway, i was just saying that I owe you all an explanation for disappearing the last week or so. Truth is that I am currently having some of the best times of my life.. at this very moment.

At this moment as I write, I am living a 4 year old dream which is still, in a faze, seem unreal to me. Ive learnt that I do not need a man to make me happy. Ive learnt that food is not the consolation to displaced grief.

I have learnt that life is just ahead of me. So I decided to take an action.

On the 22nd of September, I packed my bags and left.

I found myself in Calais Frethun, where Kracker drove me across the French border into a lovely seaside town of Koljside, Belgium. The next day we were in Bruges and then in a lovely local town of Vuerne. The next day, at barely 8 in the morning we took a detour into Cap Blanc Nez, which i believe is France's best kept secret. I recall what I said... 'I think I found Heaven!'.
I owe it all to Kracker and his genorosity for giving some of the best holidays I've ever had despite embarassing myself infront of him, his family and their friends!

I left Belgium barely 24hours ago and now I am plunked in MALAGA. I can't believe this. Nothing is sinking in. In a few days time I will be heading to Cordoba and Granada. And then I will also meet the gorgeous Caracolacolacola too!!

Okay, in case this goddamned comp fucks up on me again, I better go. Time to catch the sun, find myself and live life MY WAY.


LOVE TO YOU ALL FROM SPAIN... as my credit is running out i am unable to visit all your blogs but you are all on my mind.


Jess said...

Your holiday sounds positively wonderful! I admire you for your "fuck all I'm gonna take some time for me" mentality. All your travel accounts are inspiring, one day I'll disappear and have my own adventure too. Until that time comes I'll have to live vicariously through your posts!
Be safe and have fun!

Caracola said...

I am sooooo happy you enjoy all of those moments Miss Lyn! those are for you , you lived them!
I will be leaving Miami on Wensday but will be arriving on thursday so i will see my shifts and will come and pick you up for some more new adventurous things to happen in your life!! and in mine as well!! *counting the days babe, counting the days* meanwhile.....enjoy my country,let the sun give you all the positive energy and i see you very soon!!! *kisses*

eyeris said...

woohoo! Spain! I want to go also! :(

call me when you get back to KL! :)

'ka said...

live your life to the fullest and enjoy every second of it as life is way too short, and being young is shorter than the life itself... :)

Carrie said...

that is sooooooooooooo awesome! i am soooo happy for you! enjoy enjoy enjoy! forget this blog until your holiday is over...have fun!!! HUGS!

Simple American said...





Oreos said...

sounds like you're having a whale of a time, brilliant!

Kunstemæcker said...

I wish I was in Spain eating tapas until I burst

LE said...

sounds like you're having a wonderful time. very happy for you! keep us posted.

mistipurple said...

i am so happy you are having a good time, seeing the world and meeting good friends. yng lyn, these will be one of your happiest days of your life, and you will treasure these memories forever!

Anonymous said...

Viva Lyn!
Enjoy life and all its spoils!

crazycat said...

bloody envious...!!

socialpest said...

its so great to hear you're HAPPY! :) enjoy every moment and tell us how it was!

caracola from paris said...

LYN!!!! Babessss i am in EUROPE and soon in Spain!!! can t wait!!! oh my!!! kisses!!!!!!!!!!

Supermans Foot said...

thats fantastic. I wish i had the guts to just get up and go! And your right we dont need anyone else to be happy. I like that its comforting. Keep loving it!

Anonymous said...

Ah Lyn ah... Bring my back five naked Spanish boys.


Anonymous said...

disfruta españa el pais todos tus amores, you should live life to the fullest and always continue to do so


An said...

Hello ladylyn

You deserve it! Life is too beautiful sometimes ;-)
Enjoy the sun, food and company.
We'll catch a coffee some time soon in an unknown country. Keep in touch!

stephanie said...

Go go go!!! :p

f* all! terrorize..and paint the towns red, and DRINKKKKKKKK, on my behalf will ya?


*bawls in the corner*

oceanskies79 said...

Enjoy yourself and it seems that you are finding yourself in this trip. =)

Caracola said...

I WILL SEE YOU in a while....cocodrile!!!!!! ;-D

Simple American said...

You really need a shout. Because that's where this post belongs.

Hey Ah Mui! Miss you here's a hug. *hug*

mistipurple said...

hehe. you're still enjoying yourself, as you rightfully should! :)

Anonymous said...

So when a blog is the only portal between yourself and someone else, you need to keep it updated.

Gahh... Lyn, update this blog, damn you.

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