Friday, September 16, 2005


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Crooning on my STEREO: You're gonna make me lonesome by MADELEINE PEYROUX

BEHOLD! Lyn may have vanished from the blog-o-sphere for about a week or so... but FEAR NOT..... she has blissfully embarked on a new phase of her life.....


So that makes me officially 'unemployed.' But fuck it, I don't EVER have to endure midnight slogs, bloody deadlines, reading lame journals, making a pile of sith in my room...... FUCK EM ALL!!!!!!!!!


The next few weeks is going to be mayhem, so I am just going to show you all some LOVE:

- I have broken a personal record by handing in 17000 words THREE days ahead of SCHEDULE. Fuccckkkkk!!!

- For the past 1.5 weeks, my total sleeping hours was 30 hours. And that is certainly NOT going to increase within the next few days.

- Lovely EYERIS is in town and I dragged him to HIGHBURY this morning. He REFUSED to have his photograph taken with EMIRATES STADIUM although he was evidently quite IMPRESSED by it... MUAHAHA! (he's a BENITEZ supporter btw)

- The total amount of Alcohol intake within this week: 30 litres to date. (Add an extra ten litres when I visit KRACKERin Belgium next weekend.

- I will be selling my amazing ALTEC LANSING speakers+subwoofer. Breaks my heart to do so but it is virtually impossible to lug it home. Who wants to inherit it for 50 quid??

- A week from now, I will be on board for my mad one-month holiday to ESPANA!!!!!! And looking forward to catch some REAL sun with Caracolacolacola!!!!!!

- Final work as a FILM EXTRA on MONDAY. This time I will be stuck in BRIXTON shooting the whole day, and that is such a prestigious way to say goodbye to my 6 month film career in London..

- Tuesday will my FINAL job as a miserable waitress!! I don't EVER have to break my arms lugging around champagne bottles to feed drunken old men in posh art galleries. NO MORE!!! NO MORE!!!

- I will be moving out of my gorgeous London flat next Friday: I guess I am going to miss it despite the ridiculous rent and the lightbulb consumption that costs 7 quid each.

- Off to CANTERBURY this weekend for a dose of English Nostalgia. Thank you, mi hermana.

- To all my Girlfriends, boyfriends and gayfriends out there, NEXT WEEK WILL BE YOUR LAST CHANCE TO SEE ME IN LONDON!!
(I know my appointment list is fully booked at the mo, but there's always a waiting list.. MUAHAHA..or come and see me in spain if you're DYING to...)


To all my readers, thanks so much for constantly dropping by my site despite my lack of updates (translate=LAZINESS)... The next few weeks will see fewer posts but I will try and get online as much as I can.
Meanwhile you can all go and envy my unemployed status....LOVE YOU ALL!


Caracola said...

oh! you are so happy coz you are not a student anymore! and i only wish I COULD be a student ONCE again!!! anyway!! i am so happy for you!! i know you have been busy busy those days! Brixton is a nice funky place! i lurve it! my friend, the same i am going to visit in Miami was living right there for 4 years!!

Enjoy as much as you can EVERYTHING! still nice weather to go to the beach here! be ready Ms Lynn, Spain and me are waiting fer you! *hugge hug cute thing!*

Simple American said...

I'm like CC. Wish I was a carefree fucking student again. YEAH!!! The grass is always greener.

What! Only 17,000 words. Ai Yah!!! Oh well too late now. I never piled Darth Vader in my room as a student I'll have you know(pile of sith, dun tell me its the emperor).

Now you should have something better to write. Guess Kracker and me can wait for you to finish with Spain. Though he gets to see you.

You know all flights from Europe to Malaysia go through Texas? Doncha know?

vincent said...


I am a professional bum. Next week when everybody moves back into Notts, I can make fun of them.

Kunstemæcker said...


stephanie said...

Here's to unemployment!!!! *ahem* I had something to say before i got excited at the thought of toasting to being unemployed :p oh yes! Damn you woman, u haf the same oink mouse pad as me! And OMG, i forgot there's krispy kreme in london!!! *gasp and double gasp*

Grrrrr >.<

mistipurple said...

you won't stayed unemployed for long, not with your kind of charisma you won't!! :)

socialpest said...

HIGHBURY!! -pouts- not fair.

and congrats on being a non-student!:) have lots of fun in spain for me. only place ive ever been to in my life is malaysia & australia (when i was 5? cant rmmbr much). so deprived. but anyway dont waste time feeling sorry for me. Happy Partying!!

Yng Lyn said...

Caracolacola: heyy dearieeee.. yeahh I think i will feel the same way once I start work.. haha grass is alwayz greener ;) I can't wait to see you in Espana!!!! I am really excited!! woohooo

Kor Kor: hahah Agree! I have Darth Vader somewhere in my room, you know those cardboard promo cut-outs? I think I chucked it away, but it was pretty nice cos it was life size.
Yeah, will have loadz to write about spain, I am pressing for time though... and there's internet connection at the place I am staying, :(
Serious? Texas? no way!! we ususlly fly through the middle east! or maybe its a different airline route..

vincent: Exactimo!! Let's join the unemployed gang hanging outside JobCentre with big issues... lol

Kracker: Yay! and i am gonna haunt ya next week!

Stef: hahaah I stole your mouspad don't ya know?? ;) mannn.. you're missing out on Krispy Kremes... they should have a franchise in aussie!!! hugsss!!!

misti: thanks dear.. for the faith! hugs!! I need a job to supplement my lifestyle lol.

socialpest: Thanks dear! yeahh Highbury rocks!!! itd be great if you could come to spain and london too!!! :)

stephanie said...

they DO haf one in aussie...but it's all the faraway way in goddamn sydney...someone shud fed-ex some to me!! This is ur chance to prove your love!! *ahem*

Kunstemæcker said...

You're still too cute and sweet to haunt. You couldn't haunt me if you wanted to :P

LE said...

hmmm...when i was in school, i just wanted to get the hell out. when i graduated, i thought about going back. crazy crazy.

congrats on your new freedom!!

Yng Lyn said...

steph: they do?? hahah i underestimated aussieland then... joking babe! okay will fed ex one dozen orignal glazed over next week!!! ;)

kracker: oh nooo.... there are beautiful ghosts out there!!

le: thanks babe.... i think i will feel that way when i start work... it hasn't quite sunk in yet ;(

Kris said...

Hurray! Well done!
I understand you. Thou first I was shocked when I realised I have only one year left at College. But I thought about it and now I am looking forward to doing all that boring stuff, that you don't do when you study. And after all, if you want to go back studying some day, it's not like it's impossible usualy.
So enjoy!

crazycat said...



Carrie said...

awesome awesome awesome!
i'm so jealous of your adventures, yet so happy to be able to read about them. saw the pics on krackers site and you two are so bloody adorable i just want to kiss you both and hug you and ok i'll stop, you get it! DAMN CUTE! Both of YOU! :)
say hi to Caracola on your Spain adventures, she's such a sweetie! cheers!

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