Saturday, September 03, 2005


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Crooning on my STEREO: Love Me Right by ANGEL CITY

I was inspired by Crazy Cat's Blog Entry to dedicate an entire post to my 3rd LOVE-KARAOKE

People who know me personally will OBVIOUSLY NOTICE that I ADORE KAROKE SESSIONS. They will also notice that I TOTALLY SUCK AT IT.


Singing is THERAPEUTIC.Not only it is an outlet for your exasperated souls, karaoke sessions has an ability to turn you into a TEMPORARY STAR.

(But it is also fascinating how everyone avoids you the next day if YOU SCREW UP. Oh well, no wonder some stars shoot themselves dead.)

I have compiled a comprehensive song list which makes me thrive as a KARAOKE STAR. Try these when you have the chance:

1) Sometimes When We Touch by ROD STEWART.
This is absolutely failproof as a karaoke debut. The notes are low, it is a man's song and the lyrics are soppy enough for strangers to acquaint with your sentimental side as a serious singer.

2) Flying without Wings by WESTLIFE
This song is fucking easy to start with. It begins with an accapella section for you show off your sultry vocals. The notes are constantly in the low but BEWARE, there is also a HIGH part towards the end. When that high octave approaches (goes along the lines of ,'So impossible.. as they may seem..') quickly pass the microphone to the person next to you or pretend that you have to answer your mobile....

3) How Do I Live by LEANN RIMES
This is the song I choose when some guy I fancy fucks my mind up before the karaoke session. Yeah, I know it takes a hell lot of skill to hit those high notes like Leann Rimes, but who said karaoke singing isn't about emotions???

4) The End of World by SKEETER DAVIS
Another personal favourite. Relatively easy to sing, logical lyrics and a sure-hit if you have old family relatives watching.

5) My Heart Will Go On by CELINE DION

Another failproof song. Apparently I sing better in Spanish than to speak it. People are often drawn to you if you attempt a karaoke song in a foreign language. Just make sure there are no native speakers nearby....

7) Unbreak My Heart by TONI BRAXTON
Make sure you are DRUNK, EMOTIONAL and INTOXICATED when you attempt this. This song is fucking EXCELLENT if you are DUMPED the day before the karaoke session. And make sure only your good friends are around you.

Everyone can sing a Boyzone song without difficulty. Karaoke versions of their songs are often lowered to neutral key, which means that there are no high notes to hit. (including Stephen Gately's parts)

I know some of you fancy screaming out HERO on microphone.. but have mercy on the listeners. To take on Mariah's songs is to have extraordinary lungpower, perfect pitch vocals and amazing passion.... a combination which is one in a million. Only try her songs if you want to shame yourself to oblivion.

Best way to end any over-pissed party with some Living La Vida Loca anthems because by then everyone would be too drunk to notice if you're completely out of tune......


Disclaimer: This songlist DOES NOT reflect on my music taste. I listed them down because they are usually found in most karaoke machines....


Carrie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE karaoke!!! have fun doing it as much as possible...oh and i SUCK at it too...but so do half the other people that get up and sing! STAT! Enjoy!

Simple American said...

Love this post Ah Mui.

The most important part of Karaoke is drinking. What's the point of making an ass of yourself when your sober, ya know? Heck that's what a job is for.

My favorite song to croon is Brandy. Nice pitch and never goes to high. I've learned the hard way to stay away from the Police.

Love the part you have here about Spanish songs. I had Korean fiance in 81 that sang Spannish songs. She could have sang Mariah Carey and maybe even Celine. Beatiful voice. Love Spanish music, but I hate thinking about her.

Speaking of hate. I detest the Bee Gees because of Karaoke. Why does every Chinese person I know that invites me over for Karaoke only own the Bee Gees? Everything else they own is in Chinese, and quite honestly I would rather sing in Chinese than sing the Bee Gees.

mistipurple said...

when i am more lucid, and not os sleepy, i'll post something legible ot read here..(its 7am)

Yng Lyn said...

mitzee: We have something in common..... hahah we should do karaoke together one day!!!! Its a good stress relief!!

ah kor: thankss kor, I forgot to mention Brandy's The Boy Is Mine but they don't have it in every machine. I think Spanish is a gorgeous language to sing in.... I tried the song A Puro Dolor and I nailed it. Though I don't know what half the lyrics meant.
You're right, they should BAN BEE GEES from karaoke machines. Every chinese dinner party they will make someone who can't speak English sing/squeal 'Tragedy' .. god knows how they manage it. I'd rather sing in chinese too, haha, though I can't read the characters.
Jackie Cheung...

Misti: oh dear dear.. why are you up so early???

Simple American said...

Oh boy, Ah Mui. Not Brandy the singer. I'm not in her range.
Back in the Dark Ages of me High
School there was a song named Brandy. I can nail that song. I just need help from my good friend
Mr. Bacardi.

socialpest said...

i love Skeeter Davis's The End of The World! Haha. Such an old/sad song.

btw, ive never tried karaoke-ing. -blushes-

crazycat said...

haha, and i thot only i like to karaoke!! u go girl!! keep on singing!!

carol at hotel said...

Lyn!!! get a chattbox!!! jeje!! morning schweet lady....too much work today!! ;-P

mistipurple said...

it would be a blast if we all karaoked together! we will bartop dance and shrill the nite awayyyy... grin. (bet we will be barred from the next visit) :p

Yng Lyn said...

ah kor: I thought you liked urban karaoke hahaha! never heard of the song you mentioned but you try Brandy the singer.. she has a pretty low voice! ;)

socialpest: if I lived in S'pore i would have dragged you karaoke-ing.. hahahah.. the end of the world is a perfect song to wail to... so melancholic and heartfelt LOL!

crazycat: we all share your love!!! See? we make a good batch of bloggers ;)

carol: ohhh sweetie! you are at work?? hahah did the hunky footballer chat you up??? *wink*
yeahh i think i should get a chatbox soon.. I've been so lazy!! meanwhile we wil chat through the comments :) hugss!!

mistipurple: that is precisely what was in my mind... BARTOP DANCING with a wireless mic and sing our sorryow out!! you should try RedBox in KL.. wonderful place to croon.. and yeah, lets do it together!!

Anonymous said...

Sor lui ah... I've seen you singing. I was actually going to suggest karaoke soon, you know, to celebrate .. I mean say a tearful goodbye to you when you leave us here for good!


mistipurple said...

wah..looks like the river dam will burst when you leave london, and wherever you go, and have to leave. ah yoooo, the price of being popularrr.

Supermans Foot said...

I always blast out a beatles number but am also good at ruining some Queen songs

Caracola said...

Me never tryed karaoke before but i will take you out here and then you can sing in spanish lah!! most of the songs here are in spanish! Bisbal, buatamante, rosa, chenoa....jajajajaja!! lol!! muacks! the footballer was so cool! will explain you on IM! ;-P

Anonymous said...

por qué?!
por qué, Lyn?!


Yng Lyn said...

johhnny: sor chai... we should club, sing and tear down london within the next three weeks!!! gosh, what would i do without you... :(

misti: nahhh.. no one will miss me... i wish i was popular :(.......

superman's foot: i forgot to include 'Yesterday' and bohemian rhapsdoy.. LOL

caracolacolacola: wahhhh Bisbal on karaoke must be EXCELLENTE!!!! hahahaah BULERIA BULERIAAAAA
sorry i missed you on IM, hope to catch you later dear!

Dann: don't remind me
Por Que???
por que???
por que???


Beer Brat said...

But i like the song that goes "I started a joke, and started the whole world crying...."

Anyway, I sing like shit. So bad my frens commented that I sang like Leon Lai.

eyeris said...

GAH! karaoke! run away!!!!!

Yng Lyn said...

Beer brat: Leon Lai isn't a bad singer!!! hahaah
oh yeah that song, I started a joke... yeap, its a pretty good song too!


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