Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Ridiculous Things People have said to me this week.

A Manchester United fan, disillusionedly ecstatic over her team's rare victory, screamed on top of her lungs,
'Did you watch the match?? That Brazilian guy is soooooo goood!'
'Christiano Ronaldo'

Victory transforms ignorance into utter foolishness.

I went into an obscure IronMonger to hunt for a rare specie of lightbulb for my flat. As I was looking through the vast section of bulbs, a middle aged man who stood next to me said,
'Did you used to model?'
'I see, what a shame. Agencies often go for muscular and plus-sized models nowadays.You'd be good...'

p.s: That man was a photographer.

I charged into Selfridges to stock up on Clinique skincare. I had a pretty good conversation with the salesgirl behind the cosmetic counter until she blatantly commented,
'Your skin seems very blotchy, uneven and oily, Let me recommend the pore minimiser....'

And I thought I looked pretty decent that day.

Sat next to CuteBoy in class. All was going well until he thoughtfully said,
'Oh yeah, I remember you broke that chair the other day.'

Shit. He remembered.


KevinTeh.Net said...

just found your blog! how are you lynn??! mind if i link you? hope to hear from you soon! (now i've found one more enemy, an arsenal fan. no offence my dear) :P

Yng Lyn said...

Hey kev!!!! i am fine thanks how about you??? how's everything in NZ? I remember you as a MAN U fan.. nooooooooooooo!!!!
sure you can link me, thx... take care and speak to you soon!

Anonymous said...

LOL u poor soul! wat were those dingbats thinking? :p hope ur internet connection is not driving u to the brink of insanity like exams are to me *sob* newayz, speak to ya soon k... -steffie-

Yng Lyn said...

hey stef!!
95% of the world is made up of dingbats... it makes my life more interesting!! good luck for yer exams and speak to you sooonnnn :)

Anonymous said...

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