Monday, October 18, 2004


More Franz Ferdinand on the stereo that the landlord's son next door is finally suffering from Insomnia.

'This Fire's is out of Control
We Gotta Burn This CITY

No implication in the lyrics above, just that any soul residing in Fitzroy House will be burning me alive the next time they see me.

I devoured 250g of expired Napoli Tortellini and I am going to puke in the hallway.

My cousin just handed me a stack of desireable topless posters of PETER ANDRE.
(What the fuck????)

I am seriously going to PUKE.

Thank You Fitzroy House for cleaning up my mess... ciao.

p:s Inspired by my friend Vincent's Blog, I am going to indulge in my perfection. No, I don't suffer from a low self esteem. And No, I am not trying to pick up guys. And YES I am going to make BRAGGING my hobby.

Watch this space.

Jeremy Bentham told me that I was above the average league. Yes, I agree. Who is going to argue with Bentham?


vincent said...

way to go!!!!
bragging is good....

Yng Lyn said...

Thanks for your enlightenment vincent! muahahahhahaah

Anonymous said...

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