Thursday, October 07, 2004

Death in Tottenham Court Road

5:45pm: I walk briskly home from college, with my soul mate (aka. I Pod) tugged nicely into my ears crooning Santana's feat Jorge Moreno's 'Satellite'.
I walked.
The usual stuff; crossing the road, abiding by traffic rules and racing my way through masses of people waddling their way to the Warren Street tube station. It's everyday stuff.
Nothing New.
I walked past Sainsbury's and stopped briefly at the pedestrian junction. I needed to cross Tottenham Court Road in order to get back to my flat. The pedestrian light was green, but people were literally running across the street.
Why the hurry? I thought to myself in the mentality of a country bumpkin.
But the lights have been green for quite some time.
I took the chance and I crossed. Just like any other pedestrian.
I paced rather quickly.
But it turned orange when I was in the middle of the road.
With Jorge Moreno screaming into my ears, I conveniently did not hear the engine rev of the 100 vehicles waiting in line.
But my mind raced: RUN!
I ran.

A townie's motorbike and a car accelerated into me.

And that was it. My mind stalled. How did it happen?

God, it hurts.

I died.
It was the moment I turned my head to face those cars driving into me. But it was too late. Maybe I was still alive when it happened. Like a chance. A strange coincidence. That a fool should cross when the light turned orange. I heard sirens and I glanced at an ambulance.

And then I realised.
I was on the other side of the road.

The ambulance raced past me.

But much to your disappointment, I was OK.
and still am.

Perhaps I did die. Like a train of coincidences, everyone is bound to have a close shave with death.
Mine was inches close, I thought I felt an abrasion with an exhaust pipe.
My life could have just ended then.

I may not be typing this now.


'Life have many circles. But mine has only revolved once. The most important part is missing,' Los Amantes Del Circulo Polar


Simple American said...

London has got to be the most dangerous place to cross a bloody street. Especially, for a dumb ass American that cannot remember that the cars are on opposite sides and looks the wrong way when crossing.

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