Wednesday, November 22, 2006

PERUGIA-10 Random Facts

Crooning on my STEREO: Walking Away by THE EGG

Lord knows how swiftly time flies. 5 weeks left till the end of my Italian stint.

I can't, quite, digest that either. To my secondary despair my camera broke.


Thats okay. Memories and experiences are eternal. I am never obliged to share them with you anyway.

Apart from the very useful Italian foul words.
Oh, and 10 random facts about this bizzarre city.

1) This is the TOWN CENTER. Small, I know. You see the stairs behind the fountain? I used to do my Italian homework there when I first arrived until it got dreadfully cold. Plus, my yellow skin was also attracting lots of unnecessary attention from asianphiles.

Everyday after midnight, 100s of student-drunkards (including me) will pile themselves on the steps chanting mangled Italian and throwing plastic cups at each other. (glass bottles are prohibited after 10pm for obvious reasons)

2) By law, smoking is not allowed in all pubs and nightclubs in Italy. Of course, you do get the occasional idiot who lights up and causes an inferno.

3) Crime Rate in Perugia is almost nil. But that doesn't mean you can leave your flat with its doors open.

4) Somewhere along every 100m of the city's pedestrian paths, you are bound to have nearly missed a mountain of dog poo.

5) RnB is not big here. HOUSE is BIG. I think its due to the lack of English lyrics in the latter.

6) You can never catch any non-Italian matches live. Be it champs league or coconut cup. You can search till the world's end and the pub owners would never have heard of AR-SE-NAL.

7) 2/3 of the student population does marijuana. So don't bother calling the police. Thank You.

8) 60% of the student population are below 21. Depravation has forced me to lie about my age on several occasions.

9) A full length CD (yes, they do have half-length samplers with incomplete songs) costs 20 Euros.



car@ said...

JAJA! very nice! kinda reminds me of my old little town called VIC. So sad about the camera babe. Hope santa claus brings you a new one, even cooler! :-)


Beer Brat said...

Once again, LY, you do the darndest of things.

Rt Hon Sir Cipan Nougat-Tenuk said...

Arsenal 3-1 Hamburg
Celtic 1-0 Manure

You're right - memories are eternal ...

BTW when are you gonna write about your "depravations"?

No point keeping all the good stuff till the expiry date, mah ... :D

KevinTeh.Net said...

i can't wait to go perugia then. haha!

socialpest said...

Hope you enjoy the last 5 weeks then! :)

Yng Lyn said...

cara: I'd love to visit Vic!! :) thanks babeee... am trying to fix it but the camera looks bad :( hugss to you hun!!!

beer brat: LY? who is LY? ;)

rt hon aka. gunner fan!!: yeahh!!!! fab news aint it... this should shut the man yoo glory hunters for once!!
my 'depravations' will come in later.. will let you know k? haahaah

kevin: no no... don't waste your time unless you have a whole year in italy

socialpest: i will do my best! :D

Mirebella said...

Thats it - I'm sold! I'm going to pack my bags and be a student once again!

But dammit! I might have to lie about my age too! *dammit* - Getting an 18yr old jz doesnt appeal even if he looks like Allesandro Del Piero ;-)

lilyliverbird said...

Let me get this right. You can smoke marijuana there but not ciggies?

Yng Lyn said...

mirebella: hahahah i know!! underaged ppl are so not sexy. ewwwwwwww........

come to ITALIA.... NOW NOW NOW!!!! ;)

you know you want to..

Lily: you can smoke cigs and weed in open air spaces but not discos... kinda weird i know..

thats why i suffer.

Simple American said...

What do you mean you're not obligated to share? 0.0

Small towns and trouble. Sometimes it amazes me that I'm not in a German jail.