Monday, November 27, 2006

Juice and Spoleto

Crooning on my STEREO: Malo by BEBE

This morning my dearest Boh-Sia Girlfriend sent me a picture that appeared in this month's Juice magazine.

Who would have thought that this girl had a gallon of Long Island waiting to pour out of her digestives. (Thanks, Slut and Trish... for handling me plastic bags in the car). Besides, when the heck was this picture taken? I vaguely recall cam-whoring at the Velvet Member's Party. And what's with that ultra-lame diva pose?

Again, I thank the Lord that they didn't publish names.

If you're interested, the lovely boy is Casey, otherwise known as my friend-stealer. He's really cool so you can date him if you wish.

I can't stop jeering at my distorted arms. I look like a drunk maniac. The papparazzi is EVIL. This has to be the worst commercial picture of myself in living memory. (okay, second to my bikini/ cheesy 'love your body' feature in London's New Woman magazine last year or the very ugly Eversoft informercial on telly this year... the list is growing.)

Why can't they publish better photos such as this:

I will have to do some damage control in January 2007.

Okay, back to ITALIA.

Last weekend I journeyed to the sleepy medieval town of SPOLETO. There isn't much to brag about, except for this centuries old aqueduct which is known to be ideal place to take your (or somebody else's) life.

It's pretty grand and eerie. And it's apparently cool to push somebody off the bridge here. I have a long list of names for that sole purpose.

Oh, my scholarship money came out. I am all happy and rich now. As long as I have the decency to keep an eye on expenses, I no longer have to down cheap vodka and sleep on the streets for the following month.

Guess what? When it comes to manhunt, I am no longer in the market for Perugia.

That riddle will be explained in the next post.



sic6sense said...

that first pic is so 'wah lau eh'*.


it doesnt mean its a bad thing. :)

Beer Brat said...

You are not manhunting?.. where's the fun then?

car@ said...

WAAAALAAAAAA!! you in a magazine! ;-P you should be used to it LOL. HEY! you can spent ur money here now! YEPPIEEE!! shopping in Puerto Banús!!!! :-)

*counting the days too*!! besitos!

Simple American said...

Will stay tuned. How come you didn't post the bikini pic from England mui?

And I like your paparazi pic. Hugs!

Friend Stealer said...

" can date him if you wish?" wow Lyn, you make me sound cheap! lol

stephanie said...

OMG OMG OMG i missed out on so just erm erm 4 days?!! WTF man :p wat a shameless pic bwahahaha (u know i love u long time) *hints paddington paddingtonnn paddinggtooonnnn* :)

Syat said...

Oh, it seems that its cool to have a Russian stalker... ;P

Yng Lyn said...

sic: you're being kind.. 'wah lau eh'

beer brat: the fun lies in the fact that i am hunted by men... ;)

cara: babesss i can shopppp in Marbellla!!!! i wanna buy a dress, shoes etc etcccc..... PUERTO BANUS HERE I COME!!!!!!
Besitos... solo quattro settimana!!! :D :D :D

kor: the england mag was a joke, it was just an article on how fat women are proud of their bodies. I was one of the case studies.. ahem ahem...

friend stealer: nooooooo YOU ARE NOT CHEAP!!!!! I charge a fee on whoever who wants to date you. :)

steph: sei yan tau we all know the joys of life... sigh... men, alcohol and food :(

slut: i think its trendy.. i just bumped into him LAST WEEK!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW :( :(

Rt Hon Sir Cipan Nougat-Tenuk said...


U look good enuff to eat in that pic, gunner-mate. No worries la ... :D

No manhunt means u now got an admirer/squeeze/stalker/Abramovich, ah?

Just don't do a Faria Alam B&B (bonk & blab), 'kay?

lilyliverbird said...

So where's the bikini pics then?

Friend Stealer said...

ynglyn: oh cool, so does that mean you're my pimp now? should i call you mamasan lyn from now on? hehe

Yng Lyn said...

rt hon aka. gunner fan: waheyyy thanks mate!!!
truth is, i am actually in an almost-proper relationship. I swear... this is so rare for me!

lily: haven't scanned them into my comp for everyone to laugh....

friendstealer: Indeed i will be your mamasan Lyn!!!! i will keep pimping you to all my chica friends...

I'm so cool innit? ;)