Sunday, May 22, 2005

The LONGEST Soccer Match and the LONGEST Eurovision.

Crooning on my STEREO: Formula One V10 Engines by KIMI RAIKKONEN.
Good news: The "DEPRESSED LYN-SAGA" is officially over. I got rather sick of fishing for sympathy.*

You all expect me to POP champagne and CELEBRATE.

Frankly, yesterday's FA Cup Final was the MOST AGONISING match I've ever watched in my life. Not only was it frigging LONG and PISSING OFF. I had to ENDURE two hours witnessing UGLY BEASTS OUTPLAYING GORGEOUS MEN.

Trust me, that is something REAL HARD for ME to do.

First of all, ARSENAL was S.H.I.T beyond belief. By the 42nd minute, I was already ON MY KNEES BEGGING for a MAN UTD GOAL** so as to end my MISERY of watching my team skip around the field rather than PLAY REAL FOOTIE. Arsenal played shit. FULL STOP.
Secondly, JENS LEHMANN kicked ASS. That SUCKS because Arsenal will have aboslultely NO EXCUSE to buy IKER CASILLAS from Real Madrid.
Last but but NOT grudgingly least, JOSE ANTONIO REYES WAS SENT OFF FOR A FOUL ON CHRISTIANO RONALDO out of the 11 beasts to choose from. He could have tripped him to DEATH for all I care.

Yes. You're seeing what I'm seeing...
A few hours later, I watched the 50th EUROVISION FINALS.
Another worthwhile contribution to my migraine, this was another FREAKING LONG affair. I've been following this song contest for 4 YEARS and every year it gets more RIDICULOUS. In a hilarious way, I mean, or else i wouldn't follow it. However this year felt particularly draggy because it was, quite simply, crap. Many joked that they should rename the show BALKANVISION SONG CONTEST since 70% of the entrants represented Balkan states.
This year, 95% of the contestants were WOMEN with PUSH UP BRAS. 50% of the songs SOUNDED THE SAME. I wonder if they were all written by the same songwriter. If you listened carefully, you might have noticed that most of the entries' lyrics contained words like 'Fire' and 'Desire'.. (corny). Mountain music was regarded a sure-winner for this year's contest... think Holly Vallance's remake of KISS KISS with fastbeat jungle percussion and manic sitars, APPRERENTLY PEOPLE WILL VOTE FOR YOU. Its supposed to be CATCHY. Costumes aren't cheesy anymore. Everyone (including the men) was going for SKiMPY and SUFFOCATING LYCRA to win your votes.

The Norwegian entry painstakingly STOOD OUT. I almost PASSED OUT as soon as I saw GLAM ROCKERS climbing onto the stage....


Tires me to explain further.

*Well my moods are improving... but working on a film project with some wonderful people this weekend did lift me up... thanks to Kris, Vivianne and Caroline, you guys were fab!

**To Man U fans: ME PRAISING FERGUSON'S ANIMAL FARM is as RARE as me wandering in obscure tube stations with a RED TYPEWRITER. Better savour this MIRACULOUS moment while it lasts..... and yes, I DID walk around with a TYPEWRTER, it was bizarre but fun in a Buñuel way!!!


Kunstemæcker said...

What a way to spend your night haha! I didn't see the Eurosongfestival but I saw pictures of the winner.

I believe it's a transsexual again.

Yng Lyn said...

I suspected that too because last year's winner was a total butch. This year I am a little more suspicious....

Poor ol' United Kingdom is almost at the bottom of the list, again.

Jean said...

Hey Lyn! thanks for stopping by my blog.. and yes, of course you can link me! I'd be honoured, really!! :)

eyeris said...

Ahaha. Manure is trophyless again. Now, the only thing that would make this season sweeter is Liverpool winning in Istanbul... :)

Yng Lyn said...

Jean: cool cool! :D keep in touch k?

Eyeris: Liverpooooolll...... it will be good if that happens! I want a penalty shoot-out!!!!
You reckon what are the odds?

Viviane said...

Hello! :)
You were an absolutely perfect dream actress indeed! Can't wait to see the finished film!
And I'm glad my antique shoes have another interesting episode attached to them now, after being part of your costume...
Thanks also for putting up with my grumpy coffee withdrawal mood! I stuck a link to your blog on mine, hope that's ok! Go forth and be fab. V

Yng Lyn said...

Hi viviane!! Thanks for the lovely dinner, the shoes, and, ahem, blood... you were great company! At least we agreed that the tube can be a rather inspiring place! your drawings are wayyy awesome and I checked out your book on amazon, looks amazing! Let me know when your next book comes out.. yay! May get a copy for myself ;)
Oh yeah.. i hope i didn't wreck your antique shoes, they were comfy nonetheless...
yeahh, I'll be flattered if you link me, i'm gonna link your site to mine ;D

Anonymous said...

hi amorcito;
here in the U.S we don't get the Eurovision shows, sorry.
the closest thing we get to European television are reruns of benny hill and this show the Kumars.
I do get the Spanish channel(TV España)

one good thing, the England National team will tour the U.S, they will play Colombia at Giant's Stadium.
and you know who i'm going to cheer for .hahahah

chau amorcito

Yng Lyn said...

NOOOOOO... don't support England... they're awful!! ;)