Saturday, May 14, 2005

Death at Tottenham Court Road, Part 2.

Me, Myself and I
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Crooning on my STEREO: Amor Divino by CAFE TACUBA

People tell me I've got a common face. I didn't quite believe them until today.

I was walking towards KFC to get some dinner. So I plugged in my Ipod and walked. And walked. And walked. And walked. And walked.

I was crossing the pedestrian at Tottenham Court Road when some BLOKE grabbed me on the back and jumped on me.

(fear didn't overwhelm me because I barely had 6 quid in my wallet...)

Anyway, I am not the screaming type, so it was a silent affair. But I was carrying a 70kg man on my back, so I had to improvise and fall to the ground before my spine cracks. Strangely though, there wasn't much I thought, maybe this could be a long lost friend who had decided to stalk and surprise me......

After managing to rid him off my back, my attacker was a bespectacled boy with a BARCELONA FC strip on.

We both looked at each other in HORROR.


He was so apologetic. I don't blame him, bet he must be shit embarassed. I resumed my journey to KFC and limped home after that. Stupid accident got me bruises.

Let's be optimistic, at least I was physically LOVED for 10 seconds...

So much pain for something I was desperately lacking for the past 2 weeks.


** Back to the 'common face' theory: this is not the first time I've been mistaken for some other idiot. Every 2 outta 5 friends claimed that they've spotted my identical twin somewhere in this world, and every 3 outta 5 people I meet tell me they've seen me somewhere before.
Not that I am FAMOUS, ( altho' I madly wish I am for the right reasons...) it is just that I resemble an unfortunate percentage of the world's population so I may opt for EXTREME MAKEOVER to gain some individuality.


Anonymous said...

Bugger probably took the chance to grope you three times.
Horrible person, back in England ALREADY, are we?


(For some reason I can't log into my blog, so i've set up another one @ Friendster.)

Yng Lyn said...

Hoi you!!!! i couldn't for yer number on my phone!!!!! How are you????
hahaaha, bugger groped me and I need to go into a retreat to claim my psychological sanity......

eyeris said...

Hmmmm. interesting. A new way to rob people. just jump on her/him and ride piggyback for a while and make that person faint in exhaustion (or humiliation).

Yng Lyn said...

eyeris.. don't try that on the streets of KL!!

stephanie said...

lol my dear friend, i get the same problem too, so ure not alone in this world :p and hey eyeris has a pretty good idea, but thing is, ppl in dullsville back home might react differently, and a rather strange manner too o_O Good luck!

Kunstemæcker said...

The same stuff happens to me quite often. Apparently two guys named Thomas and Kristof must live in the same region as I do because you cannot believe how many times people have mistaken me for one of these geezers.

Btw, I used to live in Vic (Catalonia).

Yng Lyn said...

stef: hahaah can't help it if we look good and ppl want to sneak in some advantage.. LOL

kunstemaeker: hola fellow catalonian!
i know what you mean, its bad when ppl mistake you for some other stranger(s)..... at least they don't JUMP onto you... or did they?

Simple American said...

OI No common face there. I hope he did not hurt you too bad. Wat kind of man jumps on woman's back? Little fucking fairy.

Almost reading it all.

Anonymous said...

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