Saturday, January 22, 2005

St Paul's

Crooning on my STEREO: Don't Cry by GUNS N ROSES

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St Paul's Cathedral on a sunny day.......

Lyn: *Knock Knock*
Priest: Who's there?
Lyn: Lyn
Priest: Lyn who?
Lyn: God knows.
Priest: My child.. thou shalt not blaspher.......
Lyn: Ask God... really, He knows me!
Priest: Hold On....

10 minutes later. Lyn is left out standing in the cold taking photos with her phone camera.

Priest: Oi, come here.
Lyn: Yes?
Priest: We are closed today.
Lyn: Whaaaaaatttt??????
Priest: Come back tommorrow.
Lyn: I thought that the House of God is open everyday??
Priest: This is St. Paul's, not house of God..
Lyn: So this is St. Paul's house?
Priest: No, he doesn't live here.
Lyn: Then? Just let me in I need to talk to God.
Priest: Sorry but we are closed today.....
Lyn: So can I speak to St Paul then? Maybe he can pass my message...
Priest: But sorry we are closed!!!

Security Guard: Whats the matter?
Lyn: Oh crap.... Ciao Ciao!!!!

(scurries off and later finds herself in some random St Bartholomew's cathedral..)


idt said...


Yng Lyn said...

hoiii.. i was trying to figure out your blog address.. now I've got it!! muahahaha..
yeahhh this is metephoriaaaaaaaaaaaa

idt said...

Man, the air in Europe. What is it doing to you?
Anyway yes thanks for your visit, and yes go on, add me =)
I'm looking forward to next post, you silly scribbler.

Yng Lyn said...

the air in LONDON is screwing me up...... otherwise i am fine muahahhaha...

yeah, will write and amuse you when i find the time....... I hate looking at my schedule!!!!!

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