Saturday, January 08, 2005


Crooning on my STEREO: Monday Mi Amor by SOLUNA

I start 2005 typing this with an impaired vision. NO, I havent been staring at Cesc Fabregas.
In actual fact, I have been torturing my perfect vision with a pair of blue contacts, this morning I spent two hours stuffing alien objects onto my cornea. Shit, I see cloudy apparitions.

After pigging away for two weeks, here's a little update on the my festive end... I was home in Malaysia for two weeks, I did peanuts for my research paper and piled on 5kg. I sang 'Guantanamera' at a birthday party and everyone threw bananas at me. I have also been watching 'Reyes-less' Arsenal matches.

Of course there is also the need to mention the Tsunami. Eversince it took place, clouds have been flooding over Malaysia.
No SUN. What a rip off.
No different from British Winter minus the cold.
God knows why... I am not an expert in geographical climate and I don't know how ocean landshifts affect percipitation. Whatever it is, I came back to London without a tan.

The first question every concerned European asked me was, 'Are you alright? Did the tsunami hit you?'

I thought of lashing a sarcastic answer. But to be honest, I am not sure if the tsunami really did hit me. Thats because I COULD have been a victim. I initially planned to spend Christmas in Phuket, until the arrogant travel agents snarled, 'Sorry, we are OVERBOOKED until January. Get Lost.'

And got lost I did. But my infamous perseverance didn't end there. I eyed another vacation island, Penang.
Again, I was chased away.

Being chased away was a bizarre blessing. Later, the Tsunami struck both these islands.
The Lesson: My obsession with self-roasting almost cost me my life. Imagine me, a fat slob, lying on the beach... roasting, asleep and oblivious. Out of the blue, a massive 10ft wave, would flush me into the Indian Ocean. At that very moment, there is absolutely no way of negotiating with fate.

I seriously think that if my holiday plans went ahead, it would have been the end of me.
Today, I can only sigh in relief.

My heart goes out to the tsunami victims.


Seng Boon said...

yes cousin... i too nearly saw myself being washed away. Was supposed to go to Langkawi with my gf but we couldnt be bothered in the end. And on the day of the quake, I was supposed to be in Gurney Drive but i decided to go home and play computer games.
Fate works in mysterious ways, eh?

Yng Lyn said...

yo cousin! good that we're all safe and sound! you back in uk yet?

Seng Boon said...

yes i am... when u comin back?

Yng Lyn said...

I am back!! ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG...Thank GOD you are all right gal! Happy new year to you too....Yay..glad to see you are blogging again...I missed reading ur post heh! :) Loads of luv, Jasmine

Yng Lyn said...

hey jasmine! thanksss really wanna meet up with you soon! so much to catch up on.. take care, gal!

Simple American said...

Just goes to show that God loves ya. Why? You'll figure it out in your time and own way. And maybe you have.

I'm getting caught up. Too tired to think still, so I will finish yo blog today I hope.

Anonymous said...

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