Sunday, June 13, 2004

6 months Wisdom

The past six months have uncovered several important facts about myself and life.

- No one has the right to dictate your life.
- Selfishness comes in handy 24/7.
- Pests are everywhere, even on your ceiling.
- The notion of Forgiving is full of shit, how the hell can you forgive when you can't forget?
- I have learnt to hate and despise under external circumstances, never self-inflicted.
- I have learnt to love my family greater than ever.
- Self- proclaimed geniuses are the biggest losers.
- Inconsiderate Bastards DO exist. Having to bear with one under the same roof is a Trojan feat.
- We are surrounded by actors and actresses.
- I have learnt to love myself unconditionally.
- I know exactly what I am doing. If you think I am acting strangely, I am doing it on with a concise reason. I am not as one dimensional as you think.
- Tyranny is the most fucking indispicable nature. I have no time and space for such asses.

(I am writing this not because I am pessimistic. No matter how you perceive life positively, shit happens. But I have learnt to deal with it and hell, I am a brand new happy person!!! )
Tip of the day: Laugh at assholes. Value your time :)


Anonymous said...

that's the coolest thing i've read today.

~ Lara Amir (

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