Sunday, July 01, 2007


Crooning on my STEREO:
King of the Bongo by ROBBIE WILLIAMS

You are Zeus. You have followers. They desire to live in the countries you have lived in. Travel to places where you have been to. Envy your belongings. Stalk your footsteps.

They aspire to be just like you. Or better than you.

My friends, I call those pagans who reside beneath your toes: worshippers.

I have very little respect for worshippers.

Then there is Venus. Goddess of self-perceived beauty aka. 'perasan-ness'. Women who would utilise the spineless nature of mortal men for their own gains. Women who would perceive themselves as a femme fatale, are actually those who are blinded by their own beauty. (inaccurately reflected by their warped Ikea-endorsed mirrors.)

Last week, I saw a very fine example of Venus which made me puke.

Not the razor, I mean.

My point is, you people make me laugh.

Yes, I have many kickass adventures. And I share them. What freaks me out so much is that I have inspired a number of naive fools to run away from home.

I am responsible for the dumb people I know who are flocking to illegal jobs in ulu areas of Spain. I am also responsible for a handful who are leaving their families behind to flock to Europe in search for eligible bachelors.

You guys are dumb, or what? You don't even speak the language. What do you know of their culture? And Europe has the same ratio of bad male species as anywhere else in the world. Stop dreaming, you cows.

Living is different from holidaying. Get Real. Stop running away.



socialpest said...

i love it when you're angry & bitter.

sweet & nice too, but angry & bitter more. haha. :)

car@kitty said...

Well written Miss Lyn! very well written! :-*


Rt Hon Sir Cipan Nougat-Tenuk said...

Whoaaa ... should you really feel responsible, sweetie?

If they're above 16, they can already start driving, riding and bonking legally wot ... ie take responsibility for their own bodies.

Hit 18 and they can have their own passport and travel where they like.

Above 21, they can vote in idiots to ruin the country.

The only time when you are allowed to feel responsible for someone else if they are younger than 16.

So I think anyway ... *huggles

Yng Lyn said...

Social: Hi dear, I am bitter from Henry's departure. But I am also angry from the silliness of the people around me ;)

Time to move to singapore...

Cara: Miss you babes. Besos grande!!!!!!
p.s: tell your hotel not to hire dumb malaysian girls!!! jejeje!

rt hon: unfortunate the lamers who surrounded are those above 25 and behave as though they are 16. very the susah lah....

Rt Hon Sir Cipan Nougat-Tenuk said...

Cara mia,

We lost Titi but the Prof went and bought Dudu.

Looks like a housebreaker but I think he'll do well for us.

Overgrown kids - I know wot u mean. As for hardship; I always remember the story about an old woman and a boy travelling together.

Things were going wrong, trains delayed and whatnot. And the boy's head was starting to droop in frustration when the old woman spoke up.

"But dear, we are now having a real adventure!"

La dolce vita?

Reuben said...


"unfortunate the lamers who surrounded are those above 25 and behave as though they are 16."

that describes me :(

And I am jealous of the places you get to visit.

I worship thee and kiss the ground you walk on from which eternal flowers spring forth.

Muah! Sweet earth.

Anonymous said...

Hehe... good one hunz! We know SHE's a stupid ho whoz gona fuck up wherever she goes anywayz!!! So lets not bother eh!! SHREK it is!!!! :)
Or rather....toyol... :)

I still cant believe we've gotten torres! I pinch myself every fucken day!!! Liverpooooooool !!!!



Simple American said...

And I guess this works going the other way too. Glad I'm spoken for.


Yng Lyn said...

rt hon: I agree. it is La Dolce Vita indeed :)

Reuben: you are kidding lar. I worship you too.

meera: a total shrek!!!! ewwwwwwwwwwww..... wonder if they are any more cupcakes in the cupboard??

kor: it will work for our script too :) hugs