Sunday, July 15, 2007

Suddden Death

Crooning on my STEREO: Non Puedo Explicar by LAURA PAUSINI

First of all, apologies for the update delay. My faithful 4yr old IBook died a sudden death the night before I took off for Rome. I am distressed. I have lost 4 years worth of hard drive memory in a blitzkrieg. Please refrain from sending me wreaths.

This is a metaphor of life's unpredictability. Anyone of us is prone to a heart attack any second from now.


Morbidity aside. I assume that you guys are checking out this page for photos of my annual bash.

To suss out who went this year, fotografias are here. I wish I had more time to snap EVERYBODY, but i guess there is only so much you can drink and hold the camera steadily at the same time. And not to lose it.

If you are a busybody, piccies from the 2006 bash are here. And I gather that people were far more drunk last year.

OK. Short Post. I am now back home in Perugia. Savoring Umbria Jazz with my beloved Limoncello. And my boss will eventually fire me for taking a week off ad-hoc.

But Life Is Short.

Fudge career. At this point I don't need one. Play when you can. Whatever that makes you happy.

Ci Vediamo, i miei amici!!!!!!!!!!!


car@kitty said...

Oh nooo i can understand how you feel abouy ur ibook....hugs!!! BUT...on the other side you are in ITALY!!!! enjoy babe so much!! u are right, life is too short!!! te quiero linda siempre!!! MUACKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Lynny, belated happy returns... my bad...


Kunstemæcker said...

That's a hilarious invitation. Love it!!

Kunstemæcker said...

Great pics too btw.

vincent said...


Greetings from Hicksville!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Beer Brat said...

Happy Birthday....

Simple American said...

Oh God. Is it something going around. My 4YO lappie died in March. I lost so much too. I got burner on my new lappie to belay some of the angst.

Happy Birthday AhMui!!!!!


Enjoy your trip. Glad you could make it. :)

Yng Lyn said...

to all my dears, thanks for your birthday wishes. hugs hugs hugs

Mirebella said...

hope all is well Lyn. Have fun in Italia.

p/s: Happy belated bday.